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Always stay connected with the FordPass app

Keep your car in the palm of your hand.

Stay connected with the FordPass app.

Stay connected with the FordPass app.

FordPass is designed to keep you connected to your Ford at all times. This innovative mobile app keeps all the information about your Ford car in one place as well as offering a range of useful features to keep you on the move. And every time you use it, you’re rewarded with perks.

Taking care of all the essentials

All your car’s technical details can be found in one place from engine spec to trim levels, just like a manual in the palm of your hand. You can even connect to Ford Credit to manage your car payments, and find information about your local dealer when you need to book your car in for a service.

Assistance when you need it

You can chat directly to a Ford guide within the app who will be happy to answer any technical questions about the car and provide assistance in any way they can.

One of the latest integrated features in the new FordPass Connect-enabled Focus is the new eCall system. In the unlikely event of an accident, eCall automatically contacts emergency services to tell them the vehicle’s location. There’s also a manual SOS button that allows you to contact emergency services if you witness an accident or require emergency assistance.

Integrate with FordPass Connect

You can turn your car into a mobile WiFi hotspot with FordPass Connect, now available as an option on the Fiesta, Focus, EcoSport, Edge, Fiesta, EcoSport and Fiesta Van and Transit Connect. Ford has partnered with Vodafone to provide a built-in modem which incorporates the internal aerial and allows up to ten users to connect at once meaning your passengers will always be connected and entertained. These hotspots work both in the car and at a distance of 15 metres. What’s more, you get the first three months absolutely free with 3GB of data. Thereafter you can top up data bundles as you need them.

Beat the traffic and find a space

FordPass Connect integrates with the Ford SYNC 3 navigation system to provide live traffic updates as you drive, ensuring you always take the fastest possible routes and avoid any unnecessary delays. FordPass will even help you finding a parking space. You can either see all of the parking locations in your area or enter a destination and a date and you’ll get all the car parks and costs based on the time and duration of your stay. Once you’ve chosen a car park, you’ll be shown all the available amenities.

Control your car with the push of a button

With a FordPass Connect vehicle, you’ll be able to remotely lock and unlock the car from virtually any location. You’ll also be able to get updates on the status of the vehicle including tyre pressure, oil levels, battery life and even when a lightbulb has failed. And you’ll always remember where you parked with the vehicle location stored on your app with a map to guide you back to the car.

And this is just the beginning. The new Ford Focus also has the ability to start your car from any location, which means that you can get the car de-iced, warm and ready to start your journey without ever having to wait. The feature automatically locks the doors when the engine is running too, and still requires the key to begin driving.

The app is available to everyone, even those who don’t drive Fords, and can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play.

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