The all-new Renault Austral E-TECH full hybridAustral

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200 hp

E-TECH full hybrid powertrain

555 litres

boot capacity

30 adas*

driving, safety, parking

984 cm2

openR screens and head-up display
Front view of Renault Austral on the road Front view of Renault Austral on the road


Elegant and dynamic, the Renault Austral is the latest SUV to join the E-Tech range. A new C-shape LED lighting signature highlights the car’s front, and the carefully crafted lines emphasise its silhouette.

Side view of Renault Austral Side view of Renault Austral


With E-TECH Hybrid technology at its heart, the new Renault Austral’s self-charging motor can produce up to 200hp, offering a rage of up to 683** miles. The advanced system allows for a smoother shift in speed, making braking and deaccelerating easier when driving in the city.

View of Renault Austral interior with model View of Renault Austral interior with model Renault Austral digital screen Renault Austral digital screen


A glance at the interior gives you an immediate modern feel, with the wide digital screen nesting behind the wheel instantly showcasing the innovative technology used throughout the Renault Austral.

The OpenR link integrates Google services which allows you to use voice control for a more comfortable and safe journey, such as for navigation or playing your favourite song.

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*up to - Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

**internal source. based on a full tank on Austral Iconic Esprit Alpine vs WLTP fuel consumption. Real world driving results may vary.