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The MINI Hatchback is a subcompact supermini first released in 2000. Unveiled with retro styling, powerful engines and good levels of practicality, the MINI Hatchback is available as a three-door and a five-door body in later generations. Through its combination of practicality and performance, it is a great option for city driving and everyday journeys.

MINI Hatchback updates and facelifts

This is the first model launched by MINI following the discontinuation of the classic MINI model. Compared to the original, the MINI Hatchback is larger and longer, adding extra cabin practicality and boot space. A selection of efficient engines also offers drivers good running costs and mileage.

The MINI Hatchback is a competitor to other practical and premium models like the SEAT Ibiza, Mazda 2, Ford Fiesta and the Citroën C3. The MINI Hatchback is available in three body types: Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper Works.

First released in 2000, the MINI Hatchback was available with two petrol engines and one diesel option. It received a facelift in 2004 which introduced subtle design changes, including to the front bumper, front grille and multifunctional steering wheel. A new five-speed manual gearbox was also added.

The second generation of MINI Hatchback launched in 2006. It was built using a different platform and initially released with two body types: the Cooper and Cooper S. The Mk2 was longer than the Mk1 and featured restyled head and rear lights, a restyled front grille, as well as a selection of new petrol engines. It received a facelift in 2010 which added more chrome to the front grille, a new front bumper and LED head and rear lights. It also came with new controls for the infotainment system and air conditioning.

The Mk3 was unveiled in 2013. It was longer, wider and taller than the Mk2, and was available with six new petrol and diesel engines. As part of the Mk3’s launch, a five-door model of the hatchback was launched. It received two facelifts, one in 2018 and one in 2021. The first added subtle interior styling and replaced the model’s gearbox with a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The 2021 facelift added a new front and rear bumper.

An all-electric MINI hatchback was launched in 2020. This uses a 31.6kWh battery to power the model instead of a petrol or diesel engine.

Practicality of a MINI Hatchback

The three-door MINI Hatchback has a height of 1414mm, width of 1727mm and length of 3821mm. This makes it 32mm wider than the Mazda 2. In its five-door body variant, its height is increased to 1425mm and its length is increased to 3892mm.

There’s good head and leg room in the front two seats, while the rear passenger seats are better suited to children and shorter distance drives. To help you keep the cabin clean and clutter-free, you’ll find plenty of storage slots including a small glovebox, door bins, and a narrow slot on the centre console for holding your smartphone.

In terms of boot space, the three-door variant offers 211 litres with the seats up, which can be expanded to 731 litres with the rear bench flat. s. In its three-door body, the MINI Hatchback has a boot space of 278 litres with all seats up – this becomes 941 litres with the seats down. This is more than the Citroën C3’s 391 litres. To help with storing your items, there is a movable boot floor that can be set at two different heights.

Running costs

The MINI Hatchback has good running costs, with its insurance groups ranging from 8 to 19. This is similar to the SEAT Ibiza’s range of 2 to 19 and the Mazda 2’s 13 to 22.

In terms of road tax, almost all trims and engines fall between £0 and £180. Certain John Cooper Works body types attract a higher fee of £240 per year.

How a used MINI Hatchback drives

The MINI Hatchback is available with a range of different petrol engines, which can be found across the model’s different versions. At the entry-level, there are two 1.5-litre engines which can be found in the Cooper and Cooper S. The first is the MINI One turbocharged engine which generates 101bhp, accelerates from 0-62mph in 10.6 seconds and returns 76.3mpg.

The second version of this engine is the 134bhp engine found in the MINI Cooper version. It goes from 0-62mph in 8.3 seconds and returns between 51.4 and 61.4mpg.

There is also a MINI Cooper S engine which is a 2.0-litre, 176bhp variant. It accelerates from 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds with a fuel economy of between 43.5 and 49.6mpg.

The flagship John Cooper Works engine is only available in the five-door MINI Hatchback. It is a four-cylinder, 2.0-litre engine producing 231bhp. It goes from 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds while returning an economy of between 42.8 and 48.7mpg. This engine is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. There is also a dual-clutch DCT seven-speed automatic gearbox available on other engines.

The MINI Electric Hatchback is powered by a 31.6kWh battery that helps the model generate 181bhp. It accelerates from 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds with an all-electric range of 145 miles.

Engines and official MPG

Please refer to the table below for a comprehensive list of engines and their official MPG figures.

2007 - 2013

Engine Official NEDC MPG
Cooper 52.3 mpg
Cooper Automatic 44.1 mpg
Cooper S 48.7 mpg
Cooper S Automatic 44.1 mpg

2014 - onwards

Engine Official NEDC MPG Official WLTP MPG
Challenge Edition 48.7 mpg -
Challenge Edition Automatic 52.3 mpg -
Cooper 51.4–61.4 mpg 44.8–51.4 mpg
Cooper 2018 52.3 mpg -
Cooper Automatic 58.9 mpg -
Cooper D 72.4–78.5 mpg -
Cooper D 2018 72.4 mpg -
Cooper D Automatic 74.3 mpg -
Cooper D Steptronic 2018 72.4–74.3 mpg -
Cooper S 43.5–49.6 mpg 40.9–48.7 mpg
Cooper S 2018 44.1 mpg -
Cooper S Automatic 52.3–53.3 mpg -
Cooper S Paddy Hopkirk Edition - 45.6 mpg
Cooper S Paddy Hopkirk Edition Steptronic - 45.6 mpg
Cooper S Steptronic 49.6–50.4 mpg 42.2–48.7 mpg
Cooper S Steptronic 2018 50.4 mpg -
Cooper SD 68.9–70.6 mpg -
Cooper SD Automatic 68.9 mpg -
Cooper Steptronic 54.3–55.4 mpg 44.1–51.4 mpg
Cooper Steptronic 2018 55.4 mpg -
GT 56.5 mpg -
GT Automatic 57.6 mpg -
John Cooper Works 42.8–48.7 mpg -
John Cooper Works 2018 42.8 mpg -
John Cooper Works Automatic 49.6–52.3 mpg -
John Cooper Works Automatic 2018 49.6 mpg -
John Cooper Works GP - 41.5 mpg
One 52.3–61.4 mpg 45.6 mpg
One 1.2 61.4 mpg -
One 1.2 Automatic 58.9 mpg -
One 1.5 2018 52.3 mpg -
One 1.5 Steptronic 2018 55.4 mpg -
One Automatic 58.9 mpg -
One D 76.3 mpg -
One Steptronic 55.4 mpg 44.8 mpg

5-Door Hatchback (2014 - onwards)

Engine Official NEDC MPG Official WLTP MPG
Cooper 51.4–58.9 mpg 44.1–51.4 mpg
Cooper 2018 52.3 mpg -
Cooper Automatic 57.6 mpg -
Cooper D 74.3 mpg -
Cooper D 2018 72.4 mpg -
Cooper D Automatic 72.4 mpg -
Cooper D Steptronic 2018 72.4 mpg -
Cooper D Steptronic 2019 70.6 mpg -
Cooper S 42.8–47.9 mpg 40.9–48.7 mpg
Cooper S 2018 43.5 mpg -
Cooper S Automatic 52.3 mpg -
Cooper S Steptronic 49.6–50.4 mpg 42.2–48.7 mpg
Cooper S Steptronic 2018 50.4 mpg -
Cooper SD 68.9 mpg -
Cooper SD Automatic 68.9 mpg -
Cooper Steptronic 52.3–54.3 mpg 43.5–51.4 mpg
Cooper Steptronic 2018 54.3 mpg -
John Cooper Works 48.7 mpg -
John Cooper Works Automatic 52.3 mpg -
One 52.3 mpg 44.8 mpg
One 1.2 58.9 mpg -
One 1.2 Automatic 57.6 mpg -
One 1.5 2018 52.3 mpg -
One 1.5 Steptronic 2018 54.3 mpg -
One D 76.3 mpg -
One Steptronic 54.3 mpg 44.1 mpg

Features you can expect in a MINI Hatchback


The interior of the MINI Hatchback is stylish and striking, with contrast stitching adding precision styling throughout. From the steering wheel to the cloth or leather upholstery, you’ll find soft and premium materials that help you stay comfortable over long journeys. In the driving seat, there’s supportive padding so you always have a good level of comfort however long your journey is.

On the centre console, you’ll also find the MINI Hatchback’s infotainment system. This is an 8.8-inch touchscreen which comes with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connectivity, USB slots, sat nav and a DAB radio. This screen is surrounded by a circular ambient light.

There is also a digital instrument cluster which shows key information about your drive, including your remaining fuel level, distance driven and any drive assists that have been engaged.


The MINI Hatchback comes with a range of drive-assisting technology. An electronic hand brake comes as standard on the model. There is also a driving assist system, which offers front and rear parking sensors which actively monitor traffic to help you keep your distance from the car in front. There’s also electro-mechanical steering with speed-dependent steering assistance. This increases the steering wheel’s force in line with the speed of the car, giving the driver more responsive steering.


The MINI Hatchback hasn’t yet been tested by crash safety experts, Euro NCAP. However, the closely related MINI Cooper was last tested in 2014 and earned a four-star safety rating. It also received an adult safety score of 79% and a child safety score of 73%.

As part of its range of safety features, you’ll find front and side airbags, a traction control assist system and three ISOFIX points in the rear outer and front passenger seats to secure child seats.

Trims available on the MINI Hatchback

MINI Hatchback Classic

The entry-level Classic trim comes with LED head and rear lights, interior ambient lighting, a multifunctional steering wheel, driver seat height adjustment, cruise control with brake function, rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlights. There’s also a start/stop function, an 8.8-inch infotainment touchscreen, an onboard computer and digital instrument cluster. In the Cooper body version, the Classic comes with 15-inch alloy wheels, cloth upholstery and satellite grey headlining. In the Cooper S body, this trim comes instead with 16-inch alloy wheels and sports seats.

MINI Hatchback Sport

The Sport trim comes with a Chili Red exterior paint, 17-inch alloy wheels, a black roof and mirror caps and a John Cooper Works body kit. This body kit comes with aerodynamic tweaks to the body and a roof spoiler. Inside, you’ll find John Cooper Works branded sports seats in Dinamica and cloth upholstery. There’s also Piano Black trim on the interior and a Walknappa steering wheel.

MINI Hatchback Exclusive

The top-level Exclusive trim comes with black exterior paint, 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels, a silver roof and mirror cap, signature exterior badges, an aluminium interior trim and carbon black leather sports seats.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How much does a used MINI Hatchback cost?

A. We have 43 used MINI Hatchback cars in stock ranging from £6498 to £27,498.

Q. How many MPG does the MINI Hatchback get?

A. The MINI Hatchback MPG varies from 40 mpg to 79 mpg.

Q. How much is car tax for a used MINI Hatchback?

A. The MINI Hatchback car tax ranges from free to £200 per year for the models in stock.

Q. What is the average mileage on a used MINI Hatchback?

A. The average mileage on a used MINI Hatchback in stock is 34456 miles.

Q. Which transmission options are available with the MINI Hatchback?

A. Currently in stock, the MINI Hatchback is available in Automatic, Manual.

Q. What different fuel types are available for the MINI Hatchback?

A. Of the MINI Hatchback used cars in stock, they are available in the following fuel types: Diesel, Electric, Petrol.

Q. What are the most popular engine sizes in the MINI Hatchback?

A. The most popular engine sizes in the MINI Hatchback we have in stock are 1.5 litres, 2.0 litres, 1.6 litres.

Q. What are the most popular colours in the MINI Hatchback range?

A. The MINI Hatchback is available in various colours. The most popular we have in stock are White, Grey, Blue

Q. Is the MINI Hatchback a good car?

A. Car & Driving rate the MINI Hatchback 3.64 stars (out of 5).

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