Arnold Clark
Red Kia Cee'd GT car and black Kia Sportage car

7 year warranty across the range

All new Kia cars purchased through Arnold Clark will come with Kia’s 7-year manufacturer warranty.

Kia’s manufacturer warranty is one of the best in the industry. Uniquely, it lasts for seven years, and covers a wide range of motoring problems to ensure you can enjoy your new Kia car worry-free for years after purchase.

What does the Kia warranty cover?

Kia covers pretty much everything with its warranty. The cost of parts and labour associated with any claim you make will be covered.

(Do bear in mind that any parts that are replaced during the warranty period will be covered only until the warranty expires.)

Some parts aren’t covered for the whole seven years due to them having a natural limited life/durability. Some of these items are:

  • Worn windscreen wiper blades
  • Clutch linings
  • Vehicle battery (warranted for two years)
  • Audio system (warranted for three years/60,000 miles)
  • Vehicle paint (warranted for five years/100,000 miles)

For full details of what is covered, and how Kia’s 7-year warranty period is broken down see here.

Frequently asked questions

If I was to sell my car, can I transfer the warranty onto the new owner?

In a word, yes!

Kia is the only manufacturer to offer a fully transferrable warranty of this kind, why do they do it?

Kia is proud of the investment made in production facilities and their manufacturing techniques. Kia cars go through rigorous testing to ensure high standards of reliability and durability. Kia is confident in offering a full 7-year manufacturer warranty across their entire range because of this.

It sounds too good to be true…

It really is as good as it sounds. It’s just like a 3-year warranty, only better!