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What is
Arnold Clark Charge

Arnold Clark Charge will make charging anxiety a thing of the past! As electric vehicles become more and more common on UK roads, we know that our charging infrastructure needs to develop and grow to meet these growing increasing demands. That’s why Arnold Clark have invested £23 million pounds into our very own ultra-rapid charging network across the country: Arnold Clark Charge.

EV Charging Hubs

With around 100 EV hubs boasting around 500 ultra-rapid chargers, drivers across the UK will never have to worry about finding a charging point again. Plus, Arnold Clark customers will also be able to enjoy a range of benefits when using Arnold Clark Charge, including preferential rates and bookable charging slots, so you don’t have to wait at a charger.

From picking your perfect EV to finding your nearest charging hub, it’s never been easier to switch to electric with Arnold Clark.

Key Benefits

Around 100 EV Charging Hubs across the country

Charging slots bookable
via the Arnold Clark app

Around 500
150kW Chargers

Affordable charging rates
for our customers

Safe and reliable
charging network


Find out below where your local Arnold Clark Charge hub will be and how long until it’s up and running!

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Arnold Clark Charge Van

Ready for on demand charging delivered to your doorstep?

Arnold Clark Charge - On Demand, will make charging anxiety a thing of the past! Expect bookable mobile rapid charging delivered to your doorstep, at a time and place that suits you. Fast, convenient charging catered to your needs. Coming soon.

Coming soon.

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Frequently asked

What is Arnold Clark Charge?

Arnold Clarks UK wide ultra-rapid charging network.

When will the charging network be open?

We aim to have our charging network live for the start of 2024; keep an eye on this page for updates as we launch our network.

How do you use Arnold Clark Charge?

Simply download our Arnold Clark app, pre-book a charging slot at a location convenient for you and simply turn up, plug-in and charge.

Can I pre-book a charge?

Yes, there is no need to wait for a charger to become available if you pre-book a charging session via the app.

How fast are the chargers?

All of our chargers are ultra-rapid chargers with a maximum charging speed of up to 150kW.

What are the opening times?

We aim to have all of our charging sites 24/7 accessible but in the meantime you can check the charger opening times directly within the app.

What connector types do you have?

At every site we’ll have both CCS and Chademo charger connectors.

How do I pay?

You pay for your charger online via the app.