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How does part-exchange work?

We detail the benefits of part-exchanging your car, how to get the best deal for your vehicle and the documents you’ll need to bring to start the process.

You could part-exchange your old car for a brand-new model

You could part-exchange your old car for a brand-new model

What does part-exchange mean?

Part-exchange is the process of trading your current vehicle in as part of the payment towards another.

What are the benefits of part-exchanging your car?

  • It’s quick. You can buy a new car and sell yours all in the same transaction, and get behind the wheel of your new car faster.
  • It’s easy. There’s no need to deal with any of the stresses or costs of selling your car privately, such as setting up a classified ad or showing your car to potential buyers who may not end up going ahead with the purchase.
  • It’s hassle-free. We take care of all the paperwork and can even settle any outstanding finance left on your current car. When selling privately, all outstanding finance must be settled before the car is sold.
  • It’s simple. We’ll accept any car, regardless of age, mileage or condition. We can even accept more than one car. And the best part? We’ll give you a fair valuation, as we’re able to view the car there and then.

What is my car worth?

To find out what your car is worth, visit our car buying service to receive an instant quote. But remember, you’ll always get a better price when part exchanging.

How does it work?

  1. Find your perfect car.
  2. Visit your local branch.
  3. Discuss available options.
  4. Complete the purchase of your new car.
  5. Arrange a collection date.
  6. Bring along the necessary documents.
  7. Sign the paperwork.
  8. Drive away in your new car.

It’s as easy as that!

What documents do I need to bring?

When collecting your vehicle, please remember to bring the following items where applicable:

For your part-exchange car:

  • The VC5 (log book)
  • MOT certificate
  • Two vehicle keys
  • Vehicle manual
  • Service book
  • Locking wheel nuts

For your finance company:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Bank statement or utility bill (dated within the last 90 days)

If you’re not ready to buy another car yet…

You can take advantage of our car buying service.

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