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Manage the cost of learning to drive: hire a dual control car from just £15 per hour

Learn to drive safely and save money with Arnold Clark dual control hire.

You can hire a dual control car from one of over 30 Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental branches.

You can hire a dual control car from one of over 30 Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental branches.

With the average UK driving lesson costing over £22 per hour, in addition to the theory and practical test fees, learning to drive can end up costing you a small fortune.

Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental can help keep those costs down while giving young drivers-to-be as much experience as possible, thanks to our dual control cars for hire.

‘Reduce the stress’ with dual control hire from Arnold Clark

Hiring a dual control car from Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental will allow you to get some extra driving practice in addition to your professional lessons – something that is highly recommended by road safety charities such as the IAM Roadsmart.

‘If dual control cars help parents to give their teens more experience to supplement professional lessons then that works for IAM Roadsmart,’ said spokesman Neil Greig.

‘Parents often only supervise at quiet times and places because they worry about dealing with an emergency.

‘Dual control should reduce that stress and leave you free to try out driving at night, in the wet, on busy roads and out in the country. The more miles you drive as a learner, the safer you will be in the long run.’

Automatic and manual dual control car hire available

  • Our manual dual control cars are Vauxhall Corsa models, or alternatively you can hire a Kia Picanto if you require an automatic.

  • All our learner cars have dual control so the accompanying driver can help out with difficult situations.

  • Every car features high-visibility graphics to make sure you are safe and other road users knows you are a learner driver.

  • Each car has front and back L-plates.

As long as you have an accompanying driver who is 23 years or over, and has held a current and valid UK driving licence for a minimum of three years, then you can drive away with one of our fully-equipped dual control cars.

An affordable way to learn to drive

At only £15 per hour to hire, dual control cars are an affordable way to get extra driving practice – and, with over 30 branches offering this service throughout the UK, it’s convenient too.

Get more hours with Young Scot

If you hold a valid Young Scot card you can take advantage of a two for one offer. That’s two hours of dual control car rental for the price of one. What are you waiting for?

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