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The New Dacia Duster 2022

Find out more about this energetic, and economical, SUV.

Ready for action... The Dacia Duster

Ready for action... The Dacia Duster

The Duster is one of the Dacia brand’s trademark family SUVs, offering driving comfort no matter the conditions - and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Just in time for 2022, the Dacia Duster has arrived full of updated features, a new stylish look, and a plethora of fancy features, all while keeping the excellent affordability that Dacia have become known for.

Here’s what to expect from the all-new, facelifted Dacia Duster in 2022.

New look for a new year

As you might expect from a ‘facelift’, the new Duster comes with a stylish new look, along with an exciting new colour – ‘Desert Orange’. The changes to the bodywork of the Duster aren’t just superficial, though. While it now has an overall more contemporary feel, it’s also more streamlined, making it speedier and more fuel-efficient.

The exterior changes focus on showcasing the Duster’s big personality – changes like the Y-shaped daytime running lights and a new 3D chromed radiator grille. Combined with the new front LED direction indicators that dip headlights automatically and offer better, brighter lighting for day and night, and you have a family SUV that is sure to turn more than a few heads.

Comfortable and affordable

As you may have been told when you were younger, it’s what’s inside that really counts, and the new Dacia Duster does not disappoint in this department either. Completely revamping its interior upholstery, the new Duster embodies class while offering improved ergonomics – particularly useful for those longer journeys, or if you decide to test out the Duster’s 4x4 capabilities.

To top it off, it also boasts two 8-inch touchscreen consoles that provide you with all the info, entertainment and control that you can ask for. Of course, this includes all the usual app pairings through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus its own media system, so you never have to worry about driving without your favourite tunes.

And, if you go with the 4x4 option, it includes a 4x4 Monitor System, which records specific details of your trip to help you keep on top of any potential wear and tear from your off-road adventures – all easy to access through the monitors.

Future-proofed engines

Unless you plan on just parking your Duster and watching it in your driveway, I’m sure you’re also interested to know how the engine has been updated too.

Happily, the engine is probably one of the biggest changes a buyer will see.

With a look to the future, the new engine range on offer with the Dacia Duster now focuses strongly on lower CO2 emissions, while maintaining the same excellent driving experience to be expected from a quality family SUV.

The Duster is now available with the automatic 6-speed EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) gearbox. This clever piece of kit utilises two sets of gearboxes – one for the even gears, and one for the odd. The gearbox seamlessly and automatically switches between the two without losing power or torque, and creates an unparalleled smooth driving experience.

If you’re a fan of Dacia’s Bi-Fuel engines, then you’ll be excited to know that the new Duster TCe 100 Bi-Fuel engine has had a massive increase in capacity – 50% larger to be exact. This is particularly exciting, as Dacia offers their Bi-Fuel options across the entire range of Dacia ICE (internal combustion engine) models.

Safety features you can rely on

On top of all these exciting aesthetic and performance updates, there are now also a chunk of technological improvements to be enjoyed as well.

The first handy piece of kit to enjoy is a little more analogue than digital, but is still extremely important – the tyres. Regardless of what trim you go for with the Dacia Duster, you will be enjoying a new set of cutting-edge tyres. The two-wheel drive version comes equipped with ‘green’ CO2 optimised tyres that give a 10% reduction in rolling distance, and the new 4x4 tyres meet 3PMSF standards, so you’ll never have to worry about changing to winter tyres again.

But this isn’t the only safety feature that comes with the new Dacia Duster; there’s an array of digital advancements on show, purpose built to make life easier, and safer, in daily driving.

These include blindspot warning, an ingenious system where the car constantly monitors driver blind spots and warns of potential collisions; park assistance, helping you fit into those tight parking spots; multi-view camera, a four-camera system that offers a near 360-degree scope of vision; and exclusively for the 4x4 version, adaptive hill descent control, which helps you control the car during your off-road driving.

Whatever your plans, the new Dacia Duster has the answers - for on- and off-road settings - and at a price that’s enormously competitive in its range.

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