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All-new Jeep Grand Cherokee preview

Find out more about the latest purring powerhouse from Jeep.

The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee

The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep’s large SUV is back with a bang. The new Grand Cherokee features a striking new design, comes packed with gadgets and is even available as a plug-in hybrid.

Coming in 2022, the fifth-generation SUV combines alternative fuel and power, with Jeep’s iconic 4xe powertrain being applied to its flagship model.

Electrification vs off-roading capability

The Grand Cherokee has been a market leader in the large SUV market since it was introduced in the 90s. Popular due to its spacious interior, sleek design and off-roading capability, the model mixed capability and comfort at the right level.

With changing consumer attitudes and market conditions, it was only natural that Jeep electrified its flagship model. ‘4xe’, which is Jeep’s electric motor concept, was launched with the aim of keeping their well-known 4x4 capability while reducing emissions and fuel consumption with the use of an electric motor.

The Grand Cherokee’s powertrain combines a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine and a 17kWh battery with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Combined, the total output is 370bhp and 637Nm of torque – making it a true competitor in the off-roading market.

Driving modes

As standard, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has five driving modes to cover all terrains: Auto, Sport, Rock, Snow, Mud/Sand, but the 4xe also has three ‘E Selec’ driving modes to control the electric element of the vehicle. Electric mode prioritises EV driving with the petrol engine only being used when battery levels are low, or for full-throttle acceleration. E Save conserves the battery power for later use and Hybrid mode combines the engine and electric motor for an efficient driving experience.

Interior and safety

Designed to impress, the Jeep Grand Cherokee interior boasts modern amenities and makes use of handcrafted materials. A 10.25-inch digital screen offers an interactive display with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capabilities and is accompanied by a 10.1-inch digital cluster. Rear passengers can also benefit from an entertainment system featuring Amazon Fire TV.

Fully adjustable seats with heating, cooling and massage functions offer both drivers and passengers a comfortable journey. Customisable LED lighting helps create the ambience desired with five colour options available on some models.

More than 100 state-of-the-art Jeep safety features enhance the driving experience includes a plethora of impressive safety features as standard, such as its collision warning feature with active braking, to help protect the Cherokee from any sudden obstacles appearing in the road, especially useful in night driving situations in rural climes where wildlife on the road can be a periodic problem.

Rear cross-path detection will spot anything at the car’s rear hitherto undetected by driver and crew, while adaptive cruise control which if activated will put drivers at ease from the angst of straying too close to traffic in a fast-moving flow. The car will speed up and slow down depending on its proximity to fellow road users (be aware that features like this will impact on the car’s fuel economy.

Meanwhile, active lane management, sensing when a driver might be straying the lines of the road, and blindspot monitoring are also in-built, with handy little lights on the car’s wing mirrors alerting drivers to any hazards on the flanks.

Semi-autonomous parking assistance is another help for both urban spaces and country roads, which also shows a handy trailer parking guideline.

When can I get it?

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