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Do electric cars need servicing?

If you’re thinking about making the switch to electric, then you’ll want to know if and when your new car will need to be serviced.

How much do you know about electric vehicles?

How much do you know about electric vehicles?

The automotive industry’s shift to electric very much underway, while the popularity of electric cars is growing by the day.

But if you’re thinking about making the switch to electric, we understand that you might have a few questions about the process.

Here, we take a look at what servicing an all-electric car looks like.

Does an electric vehicle need to be serviced?

While it’s true electric vehicles don’t have a clutch, gearbox, timing belt or spark plugs, the same elements as any other vehicle need to be checked to determine an electric vehicle’s roadworthiness, such as tyres, the braking system and headlights.

However, electric vehicle (EV) drivers will be delighted to know that they no longer need oil changes.

Fundamentally, an electric motor only has two or three moving parts, making it easier to service.

What will a technician look at when servicing an electric vehicle?

  • The charging cable – making sure it’s present and in the right place before carrying out a visual check of its condition.
  • The high-voltage battery – checking the level of charge and recharging the battery if necessary.
  • Components and cables – these will be checked for any damage and to ensure the lines carrying electric power are secured and routed correctly.
  • Brakes and suspension
  • Tyres
  • Lights

How often do electric vehicles need to be serviced?

Like any vehicle, you should always check the manufacturer's guidelines. It’s also a good idea to book seasonal checks to make sure tyres, brakes, lights and other parts of the car are ready for any extreme road conditions.

How long does the battery in an electric vehicle last?

Electric car batteries don’t have a guaranteed length, however, the majority of electric cars come with a battery warranty of eight years or 100,000 miles.

Want to learn more?

For those interested or curious about electric vehicles, we have our Innovation Centres in Glasgow and Stafford, where our customers can learn more.


The Innovation Centres aim to educate visitors about the benefits of alternative fuel vehicles, and why they are becoming so important.

There are a range of vehicles from a host of manufacturers at each site, from plug-in and self-charging hybrids to fully electric vehicles, which are available to test-drive.

You can also learn about the different types of charging and generous government tax and grants available.

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