Fierce new look,
and a whole lot of attitude

The Peugeot 308 has arrived sporting a new look, new tech, and a bigger attitude. As one of the first Peugeots kitted out with the redesigned Peugeot logo, the 308 is here to show that it’s more than just good looks Peugeot can offer.

With the signature Peugeot vertical LED headlights making the 308 instantly recognisable and a modern, streamlined look, this new hatchback has something to offer everyone.

Discover the power
from within

The 308 is now available as a hybrid, petrol or diesel.


  • Up to 180hp PureTech engine
  • 81kW electric motor
  • Eight-speed automatic gearbox


  • 1.2L petrol engine
  • 1.5L diesel engine
  • Latest generation Euro6 low CO2 engine

Tech, tech
and more tech!

With a new look comes new tech to play with, and the 308 will not disappoint. Every 308 comes with the Mirror Screen feature, allowing you to wirelessly pair up to two phones with your 308. Plus, there is the added comfort of a heated steering wheel to help get through the coldest of winter mornings.

Even better, there is also the ‘Hello Peugeot’ feature, so you’ll be able to control your 308’s infotainment system without having to let go of the wonderfully warm steering wheel.

My Peugeot App

Drive with comfort
and ease

The tech doesn’t stop at making the 308 as comfortable as possible, it also sports the latest generation of driving aids to help keep you and your family safe on the road.

Open & Go

Drive on the motorway with ease. With adaptive cruise control, you can adapt your speed depending on the road conditions and maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Cruise control

That adapts your speed depending on road conditions.

Lane change assist

Effortlessly switch lanes with semi-automatic lane change. Ready to steer you in the right direction whenever you need it, lane change assist will keep you on the right path.

Blind spot monitoring

Cruising on the motorway has never been so easy (or safe) with long-range blind spot monitoring system. Know exactly what’s going on around you at any given moment.

360 rear parking assistant

When you get to your destination, you can count on the HD reversing camera and the 360-degree view parking assistance with four cameras (front, rear and both sides) to help you manoeuvre into the tightest of spaces.

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Exterior Wheel
Charging Point
Front Grill with Featuring New Logo
LED Lights on Front
LED Lights on Back
New Logo
Interior Display
Interior Wheel

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