Got a car that's older than three years?

We’ve got your servicing needs covered.

Standard Service - £199

(recommended every 12 months)

Major Service - £249

(recommended every 24 months)

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So, why get your car serviced at Arnold Clark?

With expert technicians, a UK-wide network of over 160 branches to choose from and convenient weekend opening hours, we’ve taken the hassle out of having your car serviced.

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    Expect low prices on car servicing, parts and tyres.

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    Every make and model is welcome.

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    You’ll drive away from your service sparkling with a free Wash & Vac.

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    Fit it into your day, with free car pick-up and return service.

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    It’s convenient, with courtesy cars available by prior appointment.

What’s checked during a car service?

What’s checked depends on the level of service you require. Arnold Clark offer two Value Servicing options, a Standard Service and Major Service which are both recommended for vehicles 3 years plus.

Check out the comparisons between the two Value Servicing options below.

Low Level Operations

Check battery condition
Check anti-freeze content
Add screen wash & top-up fluids (excludes anti-freeze)
Lubricate door locks
Check lights illuminate
Check seatbelt operation & condition
Check operation & condition of locks
Check power steering fluid level
Check visible drive belts
Check air filter
Check fuel cap operation & seal
Visually check cooling system for leaks
Check & adjust clutch cable freeplay (where applicable)

Pre Work Inspection

Check for body defects
Check operation of lights
Check horn
Check all mirrors
Check washers & wipers
Check operation of handbrake

Mid Level Operations

Remove all wheels, lubricate hub, refit & retorque
Report on all tyre depths
Inspect all tyre set pressure
Check front brake pads & discs
Check suspension dampers
Check brake lining wear & tear
Check brake wheel cylinders
Check brake pipes & hoses
Steering safety check
Check engine & gearbox for leaks
Check rear pads & discs / shoe (via inspection hole)

Under Car Operations

Drain & refill engine oil
Fit new oil filter
Check brake pipes & lines
Check exhaust system
Check for excessive oil leaks
Road test & report
Fit new sump plug washer (where fitted)
Fit new air filter
Fit new spark plugs (where applicable)
Fit new fuel filter (where applicable)
Check aircon system

Road Test Operation Checks

Engine & Gearbox / Check timing belt replacement date
Heating system
Abnormal noises or issues
Check warning light
Check alignment

You can now book your car in for a value service online.

Terms and conditions

Value servicing offers are promotional offers and apply to cars that are three years old or more and have no more than six cylinders. Offer applies to cars up to and including 2,000cc engine size and excludes all 4x4s, LGVs and HGVs. All points undertaken if applicable and according to car make and model. Additional charges may be applicable for replacing certain spark plugs, fuel filters and specialist oils in some makes/models. Not valid in conjunction with any other Arnold Clark offers. Prices include parts listed and are inclusive of VAT. Value servicing offers are not available at Mercedes-Benz, BMW/MINI or Audi Service departments.