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Toyota hybrids

Join 10 million hybrid drivers around the world.

What is a hybrid?

It’s simple. Hybrid cars have two engines, one petrol and one electric. They work together to deliver the power you need.

With petrol consumption as low as 3 litres per 100km, Toyota hybrid cars are designed to fit your family life and your budget.

The car charges itself

Worried about where to charge your car? Relax. Hybrid engines have an in-built electric motor that recharges as you drive.

Our hybrid family has something for everyone

Blaze a trail through the city in the compact Yaris Hybrid, carry extra passengers in the seven-seat Prius, or turn up in style in the C-HR.

So simple, even a kid cpuld do it

Simply push the start button and off you go, the hybrid system switches from petrol to electric when it’s needed, so all you have to do is drive.

10 million hybrid drivers around the world

Since 1997, our hybrids have grown in performance and popularity. Discover why millions of drivers choose Toyota hybrids.

How do they work?

Both engines work in harmony, switching from petrol to electric at the right time. This clever system also recycles energy back to the battery when braking or decelerating, and switches off when at a standstill. So energy is never wasted.

Frequently asked questions

How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?

The batteries in our hybrid cars are designed to last the lifetime of the car.

From new, all hybrid components benefit from our five-year/100,000 miles warranty. When your hybrid passes its Hybrid Health Check, it will be eligible for a further one-year/10,000 miles of Hybrid Battery Extended Care, whichever is soonest.

What happens if the battery runs out of charge?

Toyota's hybrid system charges itself as you drive. The sophisticated system continually monitors the petrol engine and battery, seamlessly switching between each when necessary.

Is it expensive to service a hybrid?

It costs about the same to service a hybrid as a conventional Toyota and can be carried out at any Arnold Clark Toyota.

Toyota hybrid challenge

Still not convinced?

Take our hybrid challenge

We’re giving you the chance to test-drive a Toyota hybrid and compare it against a traditional car, to see whether a hybrid is for you.

Using the latest telematics to measure fuel economy, it could change your mind – and the kind of car you drive – forever.

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