Terms and conditions

Arnold Clark’s Best Deal Guarantee means that should you find a better Deal from one of our Competitors we will give you back double the Difference when you are taking a Finance Package arranged through Arnold Clark and for a Cash Sale, we will match the price or give you back the Difference.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Arnold Clark Best Deal Guarantee.


1.1 Arnold Clark/We/Us: Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited having our registered office at 454 Hillington Road, Glasgow, G52 4FH.
1.2 Car Sale: A Deal for payment without a finance package
1.3 Claim: A completed application lodged via www.arnoldclark.com/best-deal-guarantee/claim including a fully costed Competitor Quotation including full details of the Comparative Vehicle and, where applicable, any Part Exchange Vehicle(s) and Finance Package.
1.4 Comparative Vehicle: A used vehicle on general sale by a Competitor which is of the same Make / Model / Variant / Colour / Plate / Registration year / Number of keepers / Additional extras, has an Odometer reading of within 1000 miles of the Vehicle, is located and is on display for sale within 100 miles of the Arnold Clark branch where the initial Vehicle Order Form was placed and, where applicable, has at least 6 months MOT.
1.5 Competitor: A franchised motor vehicle dealer (other than Arnold Clark) trading using a vehicle manufacturer’s branding that sells new and used cars.
1.6 Competitor Quotation: a genuine written invoice or quote from a Competitor to the Customer which documents a Deal for a Comparative Vehicle.
1.7 Customer: The named person on the Arnold Clark Vehicle Order Form and who is also the named person on the Competitor Quotation.
1.8 Day or Days: Any day including a Saturday / Sunday or Bank Holiday. For the purpose of this offer the first day of the 7 day period shall be inclusive of the day the Customer arranged the initial Vehicle Order Form with an Arnold Clark branch.
1.9 Deal: The overall package offered to a Customer for the purchase of a used Vehicle which is inclusive of the On the Road Cash Price of the Vehicle and, where applicable, the Part Exchange Vehicle(s) valuation, Finance Package, delivery charges and interest charges.
1.10 Difference: The overall cost difference between the Deal placed with Arnold Clark and the Deal as per the Competitor Quotation.
1.11 Finance Package: a comparable finance offering from either Arnold Clark or a Competitor which has the same finance product / term and payment profile.
1.12 On the Road Cash Price: Includes the basic Vehicle price, Pre-Delivery costs, delivery charges and road fund licence costs. Excludes any sale prices, discounted prices or prices amended in relation to any other offer.
1.13 Part Exchange Vehicle(s): The vehicle(s) being traded in and stated on the Arnold Clark Vehicle Order Form under section B that has been physically inspected by Arnold Clark.
1.14 Vehicle: The used vehicle stated on the Arnold Clark Vehicle Order Form under section A which is subject to purchase.
1.15 Vehicle Order Form: The vehicle order agreement which documents the Deal between the Customer and Arnold Clark for the purchase of the Vehicle.

Terms & Conditions

2.1 This offer is open to a Customer who has completed a Vehicle Order Form at an Arnold Clark branch for a used Vehicle, subject to the exclusions outlined below at 2.13.
2.2 In the event that a Customer finds a better Deal to purchase a Comparative Vehicle from a Competitor, Arnold Clark will refund Double the Difference where the Deal includes a Finance Package, and for a Cash Sale, Arnold Clark will pay the Difference or match the On the Road Cash Price.
2.3 A Competitor Quotation is required to proceed with any Claim under this offer. The Competitor Quotation must be from a branch of the Competitor where the Comparative Vehicle is located and is on display for sale within 100 miles of the Arnold Clark branch where the initial Vehicle Order Form was arranged.
2.4 A Claim must be made before delivery of the Vehicle and within 7 days from date of the initial Arnold Clark Vehicle Order Form.
2.5 Claims must be submitted via the online form on www.arnoldclark.com/best-deal-guarantee/claim. Claims submitted by any other method will not be considered.
2.6 Claims will be assessed and a decision made within 24 hours of submitting a Claim subject to the provision of any required additional information.
2.7 The Part Exchange Vehicle must be the same vehicle being valued by the Competitor and this must be documented via the Competitor Quotation.
2.8 The Competitor Quotation must name the same Customer as documented on the Arnold Clark Vehicle Order Form.
2.9 Where a delivery date for the Vehicle has been agreed via the Vehicle Order Form this date will be amended until after the Claim has been decided. No Vehicle will be delivered or released to a Customer until the Claim process has been completed or the Claim is withdrawn by the Customer.
2.10 Successful claims will be paid out within 14 days following delivery of the Vehicle via Cheque.
2.11 Arnold Clark assess each Claim to ensure the Competitor Deal being offered is a true comparison and take into account a number of factors including industry standard valuations and whether the Comparative Vehicle and Finance Package (where applicable) are truly similar.
2.12 Arnold Clark reserves the right to decline a Claim should we believe the Competitor Quotation provided is unrealistic and allow the Customer to take advantage of the offer made by the Competitor. In this circumstance any deposit paid for the Vehicle under the initial Vehicle Order Form would be refunded in full along with the return of any Part Exchange Vehicle held by us. Arnold Clark would still honour a Claim if the Customer can later provide confirmation of the Competitor Quotation and the Deal it represents having been concluded with that Competitor within 14 days.
2.13 This offer is open to retail customers only and excludes vehicles from our Value Range, vehicles with delivery mileage (under 100 miles), ex-demonstrator vehicles, Arnold Clark BMW/MINI or Mercedes dealerships, customers with negative equity and those who fail the initial finance application(s).
2.14 Arnold Clark reserves the right to vary the terms of this offer at any time.
2.15 Other than as outlined in this offer Arnold Clark shall not be liable for any other claims, demands, damages or costs whether they arise directly or indirectly from this offer.
2.16 This offer is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Scotland.