The all-electric

Honda e.

Be future-proof.

Electrifying exterior

The Honda e is a futuristic reimagining of the classic Honda Civic, with compact curves and an electrifyingly simple design that’s unlike any traditional car.

Wing mirrors go digital

Water-repellent cameras offer a wider field of vision than conventional wing mirrors and are reflected on the digital screens.

Distinctively cool

The slick wraparound panels on the front and rear gives this forward-thinking electric car a distinctively cool, minimalist look.

An interior that breaks all the rules

Inside the cool, calm cabin of the Honda e, you’ll find a full-width, wood-mounted digital dashboard lined with five integrated high-resolution colour screens, allowing the driver and passenger access to infotainment, safety and battery information at a swipe.

Stay connected

You’ll also see your side mirrors and rear-view camera on screen. Spanning the full width of the cabin, the dual touchscreen dashboard offers navigation, voice assistance and battery information.

A different drive

With two driving modes, you can switch between Normal and Sport if you want to take things up a gear.

But on the all-new Honda e, there’s no need to change gears. With the single pedal control feature, you can accelerate and brake using the same pedal. It’s a completely different and ultra-responsive way to drive.

Honda e

  • Full width dual screen
  • Honda Sensing
  • Single Pedal Control
  • Side Camera Mirror System

Honda e Advance

  • Centre Camera Mirror System
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Honda Parking Pilot
  • Front heated seats

Range that fits your lifestyle

With the average British commute coming in at a 40-mile round trip, the all-new compact Honda e is perfect for the job.

Battery icon.

Its 35.5kWh battery offers a range of up to 136 miles.

Clock icon.

It can be charged up to 80% charge in half an hour using a rapid public charger.

Charger icon.

Plugging in is easy, thanks to the conveniently located socket on the bonnet – so you can start charging straight away.

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Image gallery

White Honda e in studio.
Rear shot of White Honda e driving down a city street.
Frontal shot White Honda e driving down a city street.
Honda e camera display.
Honda e charging port.
Close-up shot of Honda e alloys.
Close-up shot of white Honda e rear lights.