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Arnold Clark and customer reviews

Arnold Clark always appreciates customer feedback, which is why we encourage you to tell us what you think.

Arnold Clark has partnered with Trustpilot, so that our customers can leave public reviews about their experience and share opinions with others.

Here are some reviews left by real customers.

Why should I buy a car from Arnold Clark?

We’ll leave it to our customers to tell you. As of July 2018, of 100,682 survey respondents:


would recommend Arnold Clark to a friend who was considering buying a car.


were happy with their overall experience at Arnold Clark.


would consider buying their next car from Arnold Clark.

Our reputation depends on your experience with us

That’s why at Arnold Clark, we’re always working to deliver the best customer service we can.

For us, customer complaints are important because they help us improve as a company.

And by using your invaluable ratings and reviews, we can continue to grow, learn and deliver a service you can trust.

Our customer service survey

Arnold Clark gathers information using a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) survey, which is emailed to customers after they buy from us.

Using a list of thorough questions, we encourage customers to answer as honestly as possible about their experience.

We’re also on Trustpilot, so it’s now easier than ever to review us and tell the world what you thought of our service.

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