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Get an extra £500
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How to sell your car fast

Quick tips for hassle-free car selling

If you want to sell your car quickly for a higher price here are some extra things you can do:

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Choose your nearest Arnold Clark branch.

We've over 100 branches across the UK.

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Give your car a clean and prep it for your appointment.

A car that is in good condition can command a higher price.

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Take any paperwork and documents you need.

Bringing your V5C logbook and proof of ID will help the sale go smoother.


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Find the answers to all your questions

How much will I get when I sell my car?

Your quote depends on the information you tell us about your car. When you type in your registration and mileage, you'll get an instant guideline offer.

You can complete a full online car assessment to tell us more about your car's overall condition, which will give you a more accurate online price. All that's left to do is book an appointment at one of our branches across the UK and our friendly experts will then check it over to see if everything matches. Once checked we'll make you an offer

Is it free to sell my car?

Yes, it's free to sell your car to Arnold Clark.

We do not charge you any transaction, admin, or any other hidden fees when you sell your car to us at one of our branches. Unlike some of our competitors, especially those who sell to auction, we make it completely free for our customers meaning you get exactly what your car is quoted to be worth.

What do I need to sell my car?

When you bring your car to one of our dealerships, it is important to bring the following paperwork, digital records, and items so that we can quickly finalise your sale:

  • Your V5C logbook*
  • Proof of identification such as your driving licence or passport photo ID.
  • Proof of your home address, which also includes your name and is dated within the last three months.
  • All sets of car keys. The quote for your car is under the assumption you have 2 sets of car keys. If you only have 1 key this may affect your original quote. Read more about our car quote assumptions here.
  • Your car handbook.
  • Your car locking wheel nut.
  • Car service / MOT handbook.
  • Number plate retention form (V317), if applicable
  • Any other extra accessories related to the vehicle or that were included with the car when you purchased it. These may include manuals, memory cards, entertainment/audio cables, or first aid kits.

*If you've owned the car for less than 180 days, we'll also need a Main Dealer VAT invoice as proof of purchase (proof of payment may be required). Any backdated ownership documentation will also be required.

Can I sell my car with a private registration plate?

Yes, you can sell your car to us with a private registration plate. We are the only car-buying service that will buy your car on the day and then allow you to process the plate retention. At Arnold Clark, we have access to the new DVLA portal, which will retain the plate at the point of purchase. All that we ask is that you can pay the £80 retention fee on the DVLA website when we help you process the retention. If you pay a £250 holding deposit, we will release the funds for your car in line with our 3 working day payment term. Once you receive the new V5C and return it to the branch we will refund your deposit. Payments can be made via a credit or debit card.

If I am selling my car with remaining road tax, can I claim this back?

Yes, you can get a refund on the remaining road tax you have paid for. If you are selling your car, you can tell DVLA that you want to cancel your car tax and they will send you out a cheque. If you do not let the DVLA know, they may send you a cheque when we transfer the ownership of the car. If you pay your road via direct debit, this will be cancelled automatically.

How fast will I get my payment?

When you sell your car to us, we will check and verify the documentation is in order and authorise your payment. You will receive the payment directly to your bank account within 3 business days.

Can I sell my car with outstanding finance?

Yes, and we'll settle any outstanding finance for you. We will need to obtain a settlement letter from your finance company. This can be done in advance of your appointment, or we can do it in branch on the day. We will have the necessary information to allow us to contact your lender and arrange a settlement letter.

We will pay the outstanding amount direct to your lender within 5 business days and the balance of your quote will be paid to you within 3 working business days.

I owe more on finance than the car is worth. Can I still sell my car?

We will still buy your car even if you are in negative equity. You'll need to pay us the difference between the value of the car and the car finance settlement figure by debit or credit card. We will then settle your finance in full.

Can I sell the car of a deceased person?

Yes, you can but you'll need to provide certain documents.

An important piece of documentation you will have to provide is a death certificate. If this is something you do not possess, then we are not able to buy the car.

You may also need to provide other documents and evidence such as:

  • A copy of the will or a completed declaration form.
  • Proof of identification such as the driving licence or passport photo ID of the executor/next of kin.
  • Proof of executor/next of kin bank details (bank statement/bank card)

Your ability to sell a car may also depend on its value, if probate/confirmation has been granted, and if a solicitor or family is handling the estate. For help on this process, please use our step-by-step guide.

Should I sell my car before the LEZs begin?

The new Low Emission Zones (LEZs) could mean it's the ideal time to sell your car. The LEZs are beginning to take effect to reduce car pollution in certain areas throughout the UK. Cars that do not comply with LEZs standards will face penalty charges that will double with each subsequent breach.

Many of those who commute by car to the impacted areas are having to change the way they travel and, as a result, are selling their cars. For more information on LEZs visit our guide here.

Will Arnold Clark buy my car if it's not LEZs compliant?

Yes, we'll still buy your car. Vehicles outside the LEZs aren't impacted by the regulations meaning all car types are still in demand across the UK.

Can I sell my car without insurance?

It is not an offence to sell an uninsured car, however it is an offence to drive a car on the road whilst uninsured. If you wished to bring the car to us to Sell you would either need to insure the car on a short-term/third party basis or have it transported to one of our branches sites

Driving the car without insurance, even if it's enroute to one of our dealerships to sell your car, is an offence and you risk being fined, and you may receive an endorsement on your license.

Can I sell my car without an MOT?

Yes, you can sell a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate. However, this will affect the amount offered for the car. You will also need to arrange transport for the car as it is illegal to drive without an MOT certificate other than to a pre-booked repair or MOT appointment.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment via our online car quote tool or by phoning your nearest Arnold Clark branch.

Where is my nearest Arnold Clark branch?

Search for your nearest Arnold Clark branch by using our online location tool that lets you find a branch near your postcode or by the car manufacturer.

Do I need to book an appointment before arriving at a branch?

We advise that you book an appointment before visiting one of our branches so that our product consultants can have everything ready for your arrival. Our staff may also be busy with other pre-booked appointments and other customers at the branch. However, yes, you can turn up at a branch without an appointment. We can give you an offer and purchase your car on the day.

Will I get the amount stated on the online quote?

95% of our customers get the amount they are quoted online. When using our online price tool make sure to be honest and enter as much information about the condition of the car as you can so when our staff check over your car it matches the online description. If the information you provide to get your online price does not match the condition of the car when our product consultants check it over at your appointment, your appraisal quote may change.

How do I get the best price for my car?

Selling to Arnold Clark is a simple and straightforward process. By choosing this method, you'll skip the hassle of having to advertise your car and have buyers turn up at your door. You'll benefit from a quick sale - and you could also get a great price for your car.

Can I sell my modified car?

Yes, but Arnold Clark will only buy a modified car on a case-by-case basis. Some modifications will change the amount you are offered. You must inform us of any modifications that have been made to the car otherwise you may be in breach of the terms and conditions.