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Care for your car with Arnold Clark Protect

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It's like having a new car every day.

What is Arnold Clark Protect?

Arnold Clark Protect is a one-off application by a qualified technician that provides a tough, protective barrier for the interior and exterior of your vehicle for up to five years.

The exterior paints and interior protection products are professionally applied at your local branch and ensure your car looks as good as the day you bought it.

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Five years of protection


A high-tech polymer sealant guards your paintwork from UV rays, acid rain, traffic film, road salt, tree sap, spills and stains, industrial pollution and chemical car washes.


A specially formulated solution protects fabric and leather upholstery from water and oil spillages. There’s no need for top-ups and it also protects leather against dye transfer from clothing.

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Choose from our Arnold Clark Protect or Arnold Clark Protect with Leather Preserver to provide a tough, protective barrier for the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Fabric Pack


Leather Pack


Maintain your car at home with our additional Protect products

To keep your car looking tip-top all year round, you’ll be given a bundle to help preserve your car’s protection for longer. This includes an emergency kit too, packed with items to keep you and your passengers safe in a roadside emergency.

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Protect alloy wheel cleaner

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Protect antibacterial upholstery cleaner

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Protect bird dropping remover

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Protect shampoo gloss enhancer

Shampoo gloss enhancer

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Arnold Clark Protect technology is supplied by Supagard®.

If you're looking for more information download our handy Protect leaflet.