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Why choose a
small car?

From the lowest road tax to the best fuel economy, there are many benefits to owning a small car.

Good Fuel Economy

Generally, small cars achieve more miles per gallon thanks to their smaller engine, meaning fewer trips to fill up and less money spent on fuel.

Low Road Tax

Small cars often have the lowest road tax as they tend to be the more environmentally friendly, which is great for your conscience and your bank account.

Low Insurance Costs

Thanks to their lower initial cost price and smaller engines, insurance is usually cheaper on small cars.

Small but mighty

From well-connected city cars and spacious hatchbacks to super chic coupes, we’ve got the perfect small car for you.

Choose from our incredible range of new and used small car deals, and drive away for less than you thought possible.

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What is a city car?

City cars are small, practical and easy to drive around town. They tend to be the smallest car in most manufacturers’ ranges and are built to a certain length, width and height. This is to ensure that they are ideally suited to urban life, with its ability to slot into the smallest of city parking spaces.

What is a supermini?

A supermini is a type of small car that is larger than a city car but smaller than a family hatchback, such as the Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf. Their popularity largely stems from their affordability, cheap running costs and ease of driving. They usually come in a hatchback body style with either three or five doors.

Are small cars cheaper to run?

Typically, thanks to their higher fuel economy and smaller engines, smaller cars are cheaper to run. These cars tend to achieve the highest number of miles per gallon, meaning they are able to travel further on less fuel.

Are small cars safe?

Whilst bigger cars have more weight and bigger crash zones, advances in engineering, better safety features and improved technology means that the crashworthiness and safety of small cars have vastly increased in recent years. And, thanks to the introduction of Euro NCAP testing, an independent crash-test safety body, this ensures safety is at the fore-front of car manufacturer’s minds.

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