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The Ford Focus is a compact car first launched in 1998. The model is known for its practicality, superb fuel economy and unmistakable style. The Focus is one of Ford’s most recognisable models, selling over 16 million units since its initial release. It has a well-earned reputation as a practical and performance-driven model. Inside, there’s plenty of comfort and storage space, making it a great choice for families. It comes with a selection of petrol and diesel engines. The Focus is an excellent choice of car for a wide range of different drivers.

Compact and efficient, the Ford Focus is a rival to similar models like the Volkswagen Golf, Vauxhall Astra and Honda Civic. The Ford Focus has a long and multi-award-winning history. Ever since winning European Car of the Year in 1999, it has remained one of the most popular models in its class.

Ford Focus updates and facelifts

The Ford Focus has been around since 1998. Ford introduced the Mk1 Focus to replace the much-loved Ford Escort. It was available as a three-door hatchback, four-door saloon and five-door estate. It received a mid-life facelift in 2001. The facelift revised the model’s headlights, bumpers and front grille and added new paintwork colours. The Mk1 went on to achieve instantaneous success by winning Car of the Year 1999 in both Europe and the USA.

The second generation of the Ford Focus launched in 2004. Compared to the first generation, the Mk2 was heavier and larger. More space was offered in the cabin and boot as the wheelbase was 25mm longer and the length was 168mm longer. The Mk2 was available with a wide range of petrol or diesel engines. New technology on the model included Ford’s KeyFree System with Power Starter Button. Adaptive front lighting and a solar-reflect windshield were also incorporated on the Mk2. It received a facelift in 2008 that restyled the exterior to bring it more in line with Ford’s contemporary design. Also adding a revised set of soft-touch plastics on the interior, revised the trim range and new colours to the interior.

The third generation of the Focus launched in 2010 as a saloon and hatchback. This generation saw the introduction of a 2.0-litre direct injection diesel engine. The cabin was also redesigned with new materials and a new infotainment system. The Mk3 received a facelift in 2015. This added new head and rear lights, a new front grille and a new 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine.

The Mk4 Focus was released in 2018. The Mk4 has a 53mm-longer wheelbase and is 88kg lighter than the previous generation. It also came with a new set of trims, including the premium Vignale trim. Extra cabin room also meant that the Mk4 was a highly practical iteration of the model. A facelift in 2022 added a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, new styling on the interior and exterior and a new trim lineup.

Practicality and style of the car

While the Focus is a compact hatchback, passenger comfort won’t be a problem. There is enough leg and shoulder space for three average-sized adults in the back. The dimensions of the Ford Focus make up a large part of its practicality. Its length of 4,393mm, height of 1,455mm and width of 1,825mm mean it is 18mm wider and 47mm taller than the Honda Civic.

The Ford Focus has a standard boot size of 375 litres, which is one of the more compact boot sizes in its class. Fold the rear seats down and this space increases to 1,354 litres. This is more than the Volkswagen Golf’s 1,270 litres and Honda Civic’s 1,220 litres.

For those looking for something a little roomier, a used Ford Focus Estate offers 609 litres of boot space. This extends to 1,650 litres with the rear bench folded. For cabin storage, there are large door pockets, an adjustable central cupholder, a glovebox, and a central armrest storage bin. All help keep your cabin clear and clutter-free.

The Ford Focus is also a reasonable option for towing small trailers and compartments. When paired with a 153bhp EcoBoost engine, the Focus has a maximum braked towing capacity of 1,500kg. Entry-level models can tow around 1,000kg.

Running costs

Award-winning Focus engines are designed with fuel economy in mind. Entry and mid-level models of the Focus are known as some of the most economical cars on the market. Offering affordable maintenance and repair, insurance and fuelling costs. Insurance groups range from 6 to 43. This is typical for this vehicle class, with the Volkswagen Golf’s range running from 7 to 34.

Additionally, some Ford Focus engines and trims qualify for no or very little road tax premiums, such as £20 or £35. Top-level performance trims, such as the Zetec trim, can qualify for a higher rate of tax of £200.

How a used Ford Focus drives

Focus engines have won many prestigious motoring awards. The 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine which powered the Ford Focus RS earned the 2017 Ward’s Best Engines award. The 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine was also named ‘International Engine of the Year – Best Engine Under 1.0-litre’ for six consecutive years.

The Ford Focus comes with a range of different petrol and diesel engines. Two of the petrol engines also come with mild hybrid technology to increase the model’s fuel economy. In the petrol line-up, the entry-level petrol unit is a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. This engine generates 83bhp. It goes from 0-62mph in just over 13 seconds and returns 58.9mpg. This engine can also come in a 123bhp format. It goes from 0-62mph in around 10 seconds and returns 60.1mpg.

There are also two mild hybrid variations of the 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine. These output 123bhp or 153bhp depending on their configuration. These engines can go from 0-62mph in 10.2 seconds and 9 seconds respectively. They also return up to 58.9mpg and 54.3mpg.

There is also a 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine with 147bhp. It returns up to 53.3mpg and goes from 0-62mph in just over 8.5 seconds. This engine can be configured to output 180bhp, which delivers a fuel economy of up to 51.4mpg.

In the diesel range, there is a 1.5-litre TDCi engine that produces 118bhp. This engine goes from 0-62mph in around 10 seconds while returning up to 67.3mpg. There is also a 2.0-litre diesel that outputs 150bhp. This diesel option goes from 0-62mph in around nine seconds and returns up to 64.2mpg.

These engines can be paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. An eight-speed automatic is also available.

Engines and official MPG

Please refer to the table below for a comprehensive list of engines and their official MPG figures.

2011 - 2014

Engine Official NEDC MPG
1.0 EcoBoost 100 60.1–65.7 mpg
1.0 EcoBoost 125 56.5 mpg
1.60 47.9 mpg
1.6 EcoBoost 150 47.9 mpg
1.6 Powershift 44.8 mpg
1.6 TDCi 115 67.3 mpg
1.6 TDCi 115 Start-Stop 67.3 mpg
1.6 TDCi 95 Start-Stop 67.3 mpg
1.6 TDCi ECOnetic 76.4–83.1 mpg
1.6 Ti-VCT 105 47.9 mpg
1.6 Ti-VCT 125 47.9 mpg
1.6T EcoBoost 47.9 mpg
1.6T EcoBoost 150 47.9 mpg
1.6T EcoBoost 182 47.9 mpg
1.6T EcoBoost Start-Stop 47.1 mpg
2.0 TDCi 57.7 mpg
2.0 TDCi 140 57.7 mpg
2.0 TDCi 140 Powershift 54.3 mpg
2.0 TDCi 163 57.7 mpg
2.0 TDCi 163 Powershift 54.3 mpg
2.0 TDCi Powershift 54.3 mpg

2014 - 2018

Engine Official NEDC MPG
1.0T EcoBoost 100 61.4–65.7 mpg
1.0T EcoBoost 125 60.1 mpg
1.0T EcoBoost 125 Automatic 51.4 mpg
1.0T EcoBoost 140 57.7 mpg
1.5 EcoBoost 150 51.4 mpg
1.5 EcoBoost 150 Automatic 46.3 mpg
1.5 EcoBoost 182 51.4 mpg
1.5 EcoBoost 182 Automatic 46.3 mpg
1.5 TDCi 105 ECOnetic 83.1 mpg
1.5 TDCi 120 74.3 mpg
1.5 TDCi 120 Powershift 67.3–74.3 mpg
1.5 TDCi 150 70.6 mpg
1.5 TDCi 150 Powershift 64.2 mpg
1.5 TDCi 95 74.3 mpg
1.6 105 47.9 mpg
1.6 85 47.9 mpg
1.6 PowerShift 44.8 mpg
1.6 TDCi 115 67.3–74.3 mpg
1.6 TDCi 95 67.3 mpg
2.0 TDCi 150 70.6 mpg
2.0 TDCi 150 Powershift 64.2 mpg
2.0 TDCi 185 70.6 mpg

2018 - onwards

Engine Official NEDC MPG Official WLTP MPG
1.0 EcoBoost 100 60.1 mpg 50.4–53.3 mpg
1.0 EcoBoost 125 56.5–58.9 mpg 52.3 mpg
1.0 EcoBoost 125 Automatic 48.7–50.4 mpg 42.8–52.3 mpg
1.0 EcoBoost 155 - 54.3 mpg
1.0 EcoBoost 155 Automatic - 53.3 mpg
1.0 EcoBoost 85 58.9 mpg 49.6 mpg
1.5 EcoBoost 150 53.3 mpg 48.7 mpg
1.5 EcoBoost 150 Automatic 46.3–47.9 mpg -
1.5 EcoBoost 182 51.4 mpg -
1.5 EcoBoost 182 Automatic 46.3 mpg 46.3 mpg
1.5 TDCi 120 76.3–80.7 mpg 67.3 mpg
1.5 TDCi 120 Automatic 64.2–67.3 mpg 54.3–61.4 mpg
1.5 TDCi 120 Powershift 67.3 mpg 58.9 mpg
1.5 TDCi 95 80.7 mpg 64.2 mpg
2.0 TDCi 150 62.8–64.2 mpg -
2.0 TDCi 150 Automatic 61.4–64.2 mpg 57.6 mpg

Features you can expect in a Ford Focus


The interior of the Focus is durable, practical and comfortable, as you would expect from one of the best-selling family hatchbacks in the UK. Interior style and features will vary across different models and trims. However, you’ll find a leather-wrapped steering wheel and cloth seats as standard across most lines.

The Ford Focus cabin is among the best in its class. Soft padded materials ensure the upholstery and headlining are comfortable. You’ll also find lots of smartly finished materials on the centre console. Contrast precision stitching also runs throughout, adding to the style of the cabin.

For added driver convenience you can expect a cluster of useful buttons on the steering wheel. These help you engage the car’s main settings and features whilst keeping your eyes on the road. For keeping the Focus clean and clutter-free, you’ll also have a number of padded door bins. The padding prevents items from rattling around while out on the road.


Most used models manufactured between 2012 and 2018 offer a host of features as standard. These can include air conditioning, Bluetooth, a USB port, voice control, DAB radio, alloy wheels and keyless entry. Older used models feature a 4.2-inch display. More recently manufactured models tend to feature a 6.0- or 8.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

In the Mk4 Focus, you will have an infotainment touchscreen between 8 and 13.2-inches. The size depends on which trim you opt for. This runs Ford’s SYNC 4 system. The SYNC 4 system offers quick loading times and clear graphics. You’ll also have smartphone connectivity for mirroring your phone to the screen.

Depending on the trim of your chosen model, you will also have a digital analogue cluster between 4.2-inches and 12.3-inches wide. This cluster displays key information about your drive. Information includes your speed, miles driven and fuel level.


The Ford Focus is well known for its safety, with Euro NCAP awarding the model a full five-star rating. It also received an adult occupancy score of 85% and a child safety score of 87%. This compares well with its rivals. A similar score to Volkswagen Golf’s 87% for child safety. This also bests the Vauxhall Astra’s 80% for adult safety and 82% for child safety.

The Focus has a range of safety features. These include but are not limited to stability control, antilock brakes, emergency braking and a seat belt pre-tensioner. There are two ISOFIX points in the rear outer seats for securing child seats. Front seat side airbags and side curtain airbags also come as standard on the model. Additionally, the marque’s MyKey system allows limits to be specified on vehicle speed and stereo volume.

The Mk4 Focus comes with lots of drive assistance technology to keep you safe. Features include a pre-collision assist system. There’s evasive steering assist, which automatically detects any evasive manoeuvres. A lane-keep assist system also offers a lane-keeping alert to prevent the car from drifting between lanes.

Trims available on the Ford Focus

Ford Focus Zetec

The Focus Zetec edition is the most popular option in the Focus range. As such, it comes with a broad range of engine options. The Zetec offers cruise control, air-con, lane-keep alert and automatic headlights. This trim features Ford's iconic Quickclear heated windscreen. Door mirrors are also heated for added convenience on cold winter mornings. This trim sits on 16-inch alloy wheels. There is an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system that enables in-car entertainment through a six-speaker stereo. Sat-nav is included with this system. The system offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. The Zetec also has a DAB radio, CD player and smartphone connectivity.

Ford Focus Active

The Ford Focus Active edition is the Focus but with SUV-inspired details and aesthetics. An increased height of 30mm offers a truly comfortable drive and an extensive view of the road. Finely tuned and raised suspension is also included. You can opt for all-wheel drive on this trim, too. This helps with challenging road surfaces. It sits on 17-inch alloy wheels. This is what sets this trim level apart within the Focus range. For in-car entertainment, the Mk4 version offers Ford's SYNC 4 infotainment system on a 13.2-inch touchscreen.

Ford Focus Active X

The Focus Active X Edition builds on everything offered in the Active. Extra features on the Mk4 Active X include heated, leather front seats and keyless entry and start. Also offering a panoramic sunroof and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Ford Focus Titanium

The Ford Focus Titanium edition has similar features to the Zetec. Additional benefits of the Titanium spec include cosmetic interior and exterior upgrades. On the interior, metal accents feature on the steering wheel, dashboard and doors. Externally, metal accents are also found on the grille and window surrounds. The Titanium offers dual-zone climate control. LED headlights are another additional benefit. In the cabin of a Focus Titanium, you will find ambient lighting and heated front seats.

Ford Focus Titanium X

The Titanium-X edition was introduced on the Mk3 2014 facelift, returning on the Mk4 in 2018. This trim has everything offered in the Titanium but adds a few extra features. These include a heated steering wheel, premium part-leather seating and rear privacy glass. Both the front and rear seats in the Titanium X are heated. The model also has larger 17-inch alloy wheels. Most used Ford Focus Titanium X cars for sale are available with petrol or diesel engines.

Ford Focus Vignale

The Vignale trim was launched with the Mk4 Focus trim levels. It is available with petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. The Vignale’s aesthetics are what sets it apart from the others as a top-level, premium trim. Offering everything that Ford has incorporated into the Titanium X but adding several exciting extras. The Vignale has a wide view reversing camera and Active Park Assist for added driver convenience. The Vignale also benefits from a B&O sound system and multi-coloured ambient lighting in the cabin. Vignale badging and styling features on both the interior and exterior.

Ford Focus ST-Line

The ST-Line offers a sleeker and sportier aesthetic compared to other trims in the lineup. This trim is based on the Ford Focus ST, one of the performance versions of the Focus. It benefits from the sports-inspired design of the ST. It incorporates sports-tuned suspension, rear privacy glass and a sporty front and rear spoiler. Red stitching, alloy pedals and a flat-bottomed steering wheel feature on the inside. It sits on 17-inch alloy wheels. Illuminated cup holders also add to the ambience in the cabin. Driver convenience features include reverse parking sensors, automatic wipers and power-foldable wing mirrors. The ST-Line offers modern aesthetics, perceptive technology and performance at an affordable price point.

Ford Focus ST-Line X

Based on the ST-Line edition, the ST-Line X edition shares many of the features above. The ST-Line X offers larger 18-inch alloys and a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear shifter. Mk4 versions of the ST-Line X come with a panoramic sunroof and keyless entry and start.

Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST is a high-performance hatchback, similar to the VW Golf GTI. This trim-combines power, performance and poise. It has a range of powerful engine options to choose from, making it popular with petrolheads. Sports-tuned suspension and unique styling make this trim stand out among the lineup. Driver convenience features include reverse parking sensors, automatic wipers and electric wing mirrors. Mk4 versions have 18-inch alloy wheels. Mk4 ST models also have the SYNC 4 infotainment system hosted on a 13.2-inch touchscreen.

Ford Focus RS

With the engine of a Ford Mustang, the Focus RS is the epitome of a sleek, sporty, high-performing hot hatch. The RS is the fastest of the sportier trim levels in the Focus lineup. It's turbocharged engine offers class-leading horsepower. In the interior, you will find a heated, leather steering wheel and carbon-fibre accents throughout. The RS has 19-inch alloy wheels. A black grille, black mirrors and wing spoiler add to the sporty exterior. Some of the driver assistance features include reverse parking sensors and automatic wipers.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How much does a used Ford Focus cost?

A. We have 189 used Ford Focus cars in stock ranging from £5498 to £30,998.

Q. How many MPG does the Ford Focus get?

A. The Ford Focus MPG varies from 42 mpg to 81 mpg.

Q. How much is car tax for a used Ford Focus?

A. The Ford Focus car tax ranges from free to £210 per year for the models in stock.

Q. What is the average mileage on a used Ford Focus?

A. The average mileage on a used Ford Focus in stock is 34825 miles.

Q. Which transmission options are available with the Ford Focus?

A. Currently in stock, the Ford Focus is available in Automatic, Manual.

Q. What different fuel types are available for the Ford Focus?

A. Of the Ford Focus used cars in stock, they are available in the following fuel types: Diesel, Petrol.

Q. What are the most popular engine sizes in the Ford Focus?

A. The most popular engine sizes in the Ford Focus we have in stock are 1.0 litre, 1.5 litres.

Q. What are the most popular colours in the Ford Focus range?

A. The Ford Focus is available in various colours. The most popular we have in stock are Blue, White, Black

Q. Is the Ford Focus a good car?

A. Car & Driving rate the Ford Focus 3.55 stars (out of 5).

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