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What is Vehicle Shortfall Insurance (VSI)?

Accidents and thefts are an unfortunate part of car ownership which we all insure against. However, your motor insurance policy typically only pays out the current market value of your car at the time of the claim. This means you could lose thousands on the price you paid for the car, not to mention having to deal with a great deal of stress and inconvenience.

With VSI, you’re protected, as VSI pays out the shortfall (or gap as it’s sometimes known) between your motor insurance settlement and the invoice price of your car.

What would you do if your vehicle was a total loss?

Buy peace of mind from only £8.99 per month

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What’s included with VSI?

With VSI from Arnold Clark, you get a comprehensive package to minimise the inconvenience of a written off car.

Shortfall cover

VSI will cover the difference between your motor insurance settlement and the price you paid for your car. Cover lasts for up to 4 years and pays out the full invoice value you originally paid out for your car.

Temporary replacement vehicle

If your vehicle is a total loss, this policy will provide a temporary replacement vehicle for up to 30 days.

Insurance excess cover

If your car is written off, VSI will contribute up to £500 towards your excess. If your vehicle isn't written off, the policy will still cover up to £500 per year towards your motor insurance excess payments.

Product cover

The policy doesn't just cover the price of your car. It also includes any aftercare products bought through Arnold Clark including Service and Clark Plans, Autocare mechanical warranty and our Protect paint and upholstery warranty. It even covers manufacturer servicing or extended warranty plans up to the value of £500.

How much does it cost?

Arnold Clark VSI cover starts at just £8.99 per month, and cover lasts for 4 years, or less if you want to cancel earlier.

You'll even get the first months cover free.

£8.99 per month

For vehicles that cost no more than £14,999.
Provides up to £15,000 of total benefit.

£11.99 per month

For vehicles that cost no more than £49,999.
Provides up to £25,000 of total benefit.

£15.99 per month

For vehicles that cost up to £100,000.
Provides up to £35,000 of total benefit.


Talk to your Arnold Clark Product Consultant to arrange cover.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can buy Arnold Clark Vehicle Shortfall Insurance?

Anyone in the process of buying a car from Arnold Clark. Your Product Consultant will arrange the policy and guide you through the process. VSI is unavailable for vehicles sold as part of the Value Range.

VSI is available on any new or used car we sell up to a maximum age of 10 years old, and a maximum value of £100,000.

Who can I contact to discuss my policy?

The VSI helpline is open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm.
01926 622661

My insurance has declared my vehicle a total loss. When should I contact Arnold Clark VSI?

As soon as you become aware that your motor insurance policy have declared a total loss on your vehicle, you should contact the details in the policy booklet. In any case, you must make contact before accepting a settlement offer from your insurer.  More information can be found in the policy document.


You buy a 4 year old car for £20,000, along with a service plan at £250 and a warranty at £500.

In two years time, you're involved in a single car accident resulting in a total loss, with no third party involved. This means having to pay your £400 excess, and you might not be entitled to a courtesy vehicle through your motor insurer.

At this point, your car will be six years old and insurance company value it at £13,000, leaving a Shortfall of £7,000 on what it was originally purchased for, or £7,750 if you include the service and warranty products.

The VSI policy would pay you £7,750, returning you to the same position you were in when you bought the vehicle. As well as this, we would re-imburse your £400 excess, and provide a temporary replacement vehicle for 30 days, giving you time to arrange a new car.

What if I sell my car before the 4 year policy ends?

You can cancel this policy at any time during the policy period, at which point direct debit payments will cease.

Where can I view full terms and conditions?

Full terms and conditions, and further information on the policy can be viewed in the policy document linked here.

For Claims or Enquiries call 01926 622661

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