Arnold Clark Community Fund

The Arnold Clark Community Fund

Supporting local communities this winter.

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The Arnold Clark Community Fund is open to all UK registered charities and local community groups who fall into these categories. The fund is also open to community interest companies, charitable incorporated organisations and social enterprises.

Successful applicants will receive up to £1,000.

Please note:

We are currently only accepting applications from organisations who fall into the following categories: food banks, toy banks, poverty relief, housing and accommodation. We are however welcoming applications from organisations previously supported by our COVID-19 appeal and who also meet our eligibility criteria. For more information on who is eligible to apply, please click here.

Why we’ve re-launched the Arnold Clark Community Fund

In March 2020, Arnold Clark launched their first ever Community Fund in order to provide financial help to community groups and charities that had been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We are pleased to announce that, so far, we have been able to help 9,500 organisations from a wide range of backgrounds.

Following on from this success, and as we move into winter, we understand a number of organisations are still in need of financial aid. However, on this occasion, we have decided to focus on the following categories: poverty relief, food banks, toy banks, housing and accommodation.

We aim to open the Arnold Clark Community Fund back up to a wider range of categories at the beginning of 2022.

How to apply for funding

Firstly, please check your eligibility here. If you’re eligible, all you will have to do is simply complete the application form, and tell us about your charity or community group and how we can help.

Please note that we’re only accepting applications directly from charities or local community groups that fall under one of the these categories and we will only accept one application per organisation.