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Football pitch

Frequently asked questions

Read on to find our more about the Gear Up For Sport competition, including information on how to enter and what you can win.

How many teams can be entered from one club?

You are eligible to enter as many teams from one sports club as you want; however, only one team per club can win.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?
Can I choose the colour of my sports kit?

The kits will be Arnold Clark branded and there is a selection of colours to choose from.

What are the prizes?

Winning teams will receive a brand-new sports kit for team members. Example kit allocations are:

  • Up to 15 football tops
  • Up to 15 football shorts
  • 1 goalkeeper top
  • 1 pair of goalkeeper shorts
  • 16 pairs of socks
  • Up to 22 rugby tops
  • Up to 22 pairs of rugby shorts
  • Up to 22 pairs of socks
  • Up to 15 netball t-shirts
  • Up to 15 netball skirts or shorts
  • Up to 15 basketball vests
  • Up to 15 pairs of basketball shorts
  • Up to 15 cricket polo shirts
  • Up to 15 pairs of cricket trousers

If we’re unable to supply kits for your sport, you can choose between up to 20 tracksuits or 20 hoodies for your team.

Team Spirit photo winners will receive a grand prize of £2000 for their team.

When is the entry deadline?

Kit entries must be received no later than Friday 22nd September. Kit winners will be announced on Tuesday 26th September at noon.

Team Spirit photo entries will not be accepted after noon on Monday 25th September. The winning team will be announced on Friday 6th October

How should I submit my entry for sports kits?

Complete the online enquiry form at

How should I submit my entry for the £2000 cash prize?

Take a photo that really shows your team spirit and email it to with your name, your club’s name, and your contact number.

Where will my entry go?

Your entry will be posted on the Arnold Clark Facebook page.

Can I enter to win the £2000 if I haven’t entered the kit competition?

You can, but who wouldn’t want some free kits for their team?

What should we do for our Team Spirit photo?

It’s entirely up to you, but the aim is to show us what makes your team special. We want to see you in action and having fun together, so be as imaginative and creative as you like! Here are a few tips for taking a winning entry.

How will winners be selected?

Kit winners will be selected at random from all online entries.

Team spirit photo entries will be voted for via the Arnold Clark Facebook page.

Any more questions?

Just email the Gear Up For Sport team on