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This coupé SUV makes a statement with sleek body lines and a powerful stance on its 21-inch aerodynamic alloys.

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Angled front shot shot of CUPRA Tavascan Angled front shot shot of CUPRA Tavascan

341mile range*

80%30 minutes**

5.6s0-62 mph

Trim levels

The CUPRA Tavascan comes in two trim levels, both with the 77kWh battery and both with luxury features, such as Dark Night microfibre bucket seats, 21-inch alloys, 15-inch infotainment system and front and rear illuminated CUPRA logos.


  • RWD
  • 286PS
  • Range: 341 miles*

Tavascan VZ

  • 4WD
  • 340PS
  • Range: 321 miles*
CUPRA Tavascan interior


The CUPRA Tavascan comes packed with features, such as adaptive cruise control and lane assist plus. You’ll also benefit from trained park assist, which learns pre-defined spaces and can help you remotely park into tight spots.

CUPRA Tavascan bonnet badge

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Pictures used for illustrative and informational purposes only and may not correspond to the series production.

*WLTP range stated, real-world range varies depending on a series of factors such as terrain, weather, battery charge level, use of heating or heated seats and air conditioning and driving behaviours.

**Charging times vary in relation to the following factors: external and battery temperature, maximum voltage of your charger system and its current condition, as well as battery condition and the use of other electrical equipment in the car during charge.