What are
budget tyres?

Searching for new tyres on a budget? Look no further.

Maintaining safe, reliable tyres is an important part of motoring. There are lots of different types of tyres available, with budget options a popular choice because of their low price.

Budget tyres come with many misconceptions, many that they are less safe than premium tyres. While they do offer value for money, budget tyres are still subject to the same checks and safety regulations as their more expensive counterparts. They’re best suited to driving on urban roads at slower speeds or for low-mileage cars.

What tyres should I buy?
Tyre types explained

When buying new tyres, there are five main types you can choose from. We take a look at each in detail so you can make the best choice.

What tyre should I buy?

Our budget tyre

Considered a ‘budget’ tyre brand, RoadX tyres are safe and affordable and available at all of our service centres.

We choose to stock and supply RoadX tyres because they have an excellent safety rating. This safety rating is partly due to their directional tread pattern with three wide longitudinal grooves providing effective evacuation of water and good stability.

Tyre safety

You can ensure your current tyres are both safe and legal with a free tyre safety check from your local Arnold Clark Service centre or you can watch our videos on how to check your tyre tread depth and tyre pressures.

How to check your tyre tread depth
How to check your tyre pressure