Don’t let winter hold you back.

Winter tyres fully fitted from only £45*

What are winter tyres?

During the colder months, especially when the temperature dips below 7 °C, your standard tyres become less effective and can harden, compromising both grip and braking effectiveness.

Winter tyres are specially made so that they have enhanced grip during lower temperatures. They improve your cars’ performance, efficiency and overall safety, even when the winter weather is at its most severe.

Standard tyres vs winter tyres

Want to see for yourself how they work? We compare winter tyres to standard tyres, and the difference is incredible.

Why choose winter tyres? – The facts

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Designed for safety

The open tread block design of winter tyres helps to dissipate standing water, which reduces the risk of skidding and aquaplaning.

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Improved grip and performance

Winter tyres have an optimised blend of rubber and silica compound, resulting in improved grip.

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Better braking

Winter tyres offer you more control on icy, wet and untreated roads. Braking distances are shortened by up to 20% in icy conditions and 10% in wet conditions.

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Looking for winter tyres? We can help.

We stock a vast range of winter tyres from well-known brands such as Michelin, Pirelli and Goodyear. Enquire online today and one of our tyre experts will be in touch with you to arrange your purchase and answer any questions you might have.

To avoid having to change your tyres with the seasons, why not check out our all-weather range of tyres?

They’re safe in all weathers, and are ideal for driving abroad, too, especially in countries where the right tyres are a legal requirement.

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*Price based on winter tyre 155/65/14 75T, please ask for in branch for details.