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Medium-sized car
Medium-sized car

Why choose a medium-sized car?

Equipped with the latest technology and an engine to suit every requirement, there are many benefits to owning a medium-sized car.

Family friendly

A medium-sized car is the perfect compromise between space and expense. It fits four adults comfortably, and kids will fit even better!

Features of the future

Most medium-sized cars are full of advanced features and cutting-edge technology, making any drive feel brand new.

Fill your boots

Boot space is often a top priority for many car buyers and the boot space of a modern mid-size car is more than adequate for the needs of almost any family, from bulky sports equipment to the bags of the weekly shop.


From a family hatchback to crossover SUVs, we’ve got the perfect medium-sized car for you.

Choose from our incredible range of new and used mid-size car deals, and drive away for less than you thought possible.

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What is a hatchback car?

The term hatchback usually relates to smaller cars with a boot lid that incorporates the rear window. This is in contrast with saloon cars, where the boot is a separate compartment that sticks out the back. While they may look small on the outside, on the inside there is plenty of room for both passengers and luggage. And when it comes to parking, their compact exterior allows them to sneak into the tighter spots.

What are the benefits of a hatchback?

Hatchbacks are a hugely popular style of vehicle – their practicality and adaptability means they can suit any lifestyle. With fold down rear seats in most hatchback cars, it’s easy to expand the cargo space to fit a multitude of items when required. And, thanks to their popularity, there is a huge amount of choice in the hatchback market, making it easy to find the ideal car.

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