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6 top Wimbledon tennis stars and what cars they drive

With Wimbledon underway, we take a look at some of the stars of the tennis worlds and the cars they own and love

Even if Andy Murray doesn't win Wimbledon, he'll have a lovely Porsche - and a Polo

Even if Andy Murray doesn't win Wimbledon, he'll have a lovely Porsche - and a Polo

Tennis season is upon us in Britain. With Wimbledon underway, and Andy Murray’s victory at Queen’s Club fresh in our minds, it’s an appropriate time to look at the tennis stars and their involvement in the automotive world.

The top players in the world of tennis make millions of pounds a year, so what better way to spend their hard-earned cash than on an expensive luxury car?!

Andy Murray

Where better to start than the current Olympic Gold medallist and Britain’s finest, Andy Murray.

Andy revealed in the recent BBC documentary Andy Murray: The Man Behind the Racquet that he has owned a Ferrari F430, an Aston Martin and a Jaguar XKR and is therefore no stranger to the luxury car market. When he sold his Ferrari, the reason he gave was that he “felt like a prat”, which is surprising considering many of us would love to drive a car of that calibre every day!

Andy Murray and his Aston Martin

Andy Murray still owns his first car, a Volkswagen Polo

More interestingly, Andy disclosed that he still owns his first ever car – a Volkswagen Polo – as well as a Porsche Cayenne. He recently commented, “The only other car I have got is a Volkswagen Polo, which is my first car which I have still got. I had it when I passed my test at 21. Because it is my first car, I have kept it - it’s done about 30,000 miles now.”

Roger Federer

One of the most successful and highest earning athletes of all-time: is it any surprise that the Swiss maestro has a vast array of luxury cars?

Federer driving an AMG

As a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, Federer is known to be fan of the SLS and SLR models and has been involved in some fun publicity stunts to promote some models. Watch Roger knock tennis balls into his Mercedes-Benz CLS, enjoy a test drive in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, and picking up fellow superstar Rafael Nadal in a stunning red SLS AMG Gullwing

Bernard Tomic

Up-and-coming youngster Bernard Tomic has wasted no time in purchasing a classy set of wheels. The explosive Aussie recently purchased a BMW M3 in 2010, despite being the tender age of 18.

Bernard Tomic's BMW M3 The 21 in his private registration represents his birthday – 21st October.

He was given special dispensation to drive the orange BMW M3 despite only owning a provisional license, providing that it was used for tennis purposes only, but had to sell it after being pulled over by police for breaching the conditions. It was auctioned in February 2012 but failed to reach the $200,000 reserve that was placed on it.

Novak Djokovic

In January 2013, the Serbian world number 1 was challenged to serve a ball faster than Audi's R8 LMS GT3 race car.

Novak Djokovic serving faster than an Audi race car For those wondering, the ball crossed the finish line first

According to a fansite, he is known to like the other German manufacturers – Mercedes-Benz and BMW - and also likes a Mini Cooper. Djokovic is also a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, in his home nation of Serbia.

Serena Williams

The multiple-grand-slam winner, and one of the greatest female players ever to play the sport, Serena Williams is a born champion. This is her red Bentley Continental GT.

Serena Williams’ classy Bentley

Maria Sharapova

In April 2013, Maria Sharapova signed a sponsorship deal with Porsche and become a brand ambassador.

Furthermore, Sharapova also won the Porsche-sponsored Stuttgart Grand Prix in April this year, bagging herself a 911 Carrera 4S convertible!

Sharapova won a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S convertible

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