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Did you know? We do more than service your car…

Find out more about our personalised service experience.

It's all part of the service at Arnold Clark.

It's all part of the service at Arnold Clark.

When you book a service, the chances are all you’re expecting is your car to go through some routine maintenance – tyres checked, oil changed… that sort of thing.

But at Arnold Clark, we think of it more as a spa day for your car. It all starts at the booking stage. You have the choice to go online, visit a branch or give us a call. And it’s not a problem if you don’t want to drop your car off at the service centre. Instead, one of our drivers can collect it from your house and deliver it back home to you.

If you do bring your car to branch, courtesy cars are available, or we could even drop you off where you need to be. You can even choose to wait for the car if you’d prefer and make use of our free Wi-Fi and endless supply of Italian coffee.

Once the car is with us, we’ll get it into our workshop, where our expert technicians will give it a health check. We’ll top up any fluids required free of charge and send you a report via email. We’ll even make your car a movie star when we create a video highlighting the condition of your car.

And in the event that any work is needed, one of our friendly advisors will give you a call to let you know of any issues, and give you all the information you need to decide the next steps. They’ll even go through payment options, including our 0% interest Easy Pay finance options.

It doesn’t end there! Before your car’s returned, our valeters will give it a wash as well as vacuuming the front footwells, and a new air freshener will leave you with that fresh new car smell.

Once your car is back on the road, we’ll send you a survey. It only takes a moment to complete and it gives you a chance to tell us what you thought of the experience. We want you to be completely satisfied with our service, so remember you can talk to a manager or even a technician to discuss any concerns.

Until your next visit, you’ll benefit from free puncture repairs, free fluid top-ups and reminder alerts for when your car is next due for a service.

About the Author

Andrew Moir

Staff writer at Arnold Clark.