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The history of electric vehicles explained

Electric cars are a hot topic in the automotive industry right now, but did you know that their origin stretches back almost 200 years?

Thinking of switching to electric?

Thinking of switching to electric?

The automotive industry is going electric.

Sales of new petrol and diesel cars are set to end in the UK by 2030 in what will be a huge boost in the battle against climate change.

Ahead of this, drivers are already beginning to make the switch to alternatively fuelled vehicles, with recent figures showing there are almost three quarters of a million electric vehicles now on UK roads.

But did you know that the origin of electric cars stretches back almost 200 years?

In fact, the first electric vehicle was invented in Scotland by Robert Anderson in 1832.

Watch the video below to learn more about the history of electric vehicles.

Want to learn more about EVs or interested in making the switch to electric?

In 2021, after a £5 million investment, Arnold Clark opened their first Innovation Centre in Glasgow with the aim of educating visitors about the benefits of alternative fuel vehicles and why they are becoming so important.

There are no sales at the site, which is specifically an innovation, information, and educational centre.

Visitors can also learn about the different types of charging and generous government tax and grants available for those thinking of moving to electric.

Following its success, we recently opened our second Innovation Centre in Stafford, England.

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