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Service and MOT plans explained

We take the confusion out of Service Plans and explain why buying one is a good idea.

Service plans can be bought when you buy a car or later, you can decide.

Service plans can be bought when you buy a car or later, you can decide.

You might be excited at the thought of buying a new car and you don’t want to think about servicing and MOTs down the line, but Service Plans can save you money in the long run. You pay one price for a service plan of a determined length either at the same time you buy your car or at a later date if you choose to. There are different service plan types for each.

Which plan is suitable for me?

Service Plan

Our Service Plan is available only at the point you buy a car in one of our branches that is less than 42 months (three and a half years) old.

You can choose the length of time your services and MOTs are covered for from two, three or four years.

You pay one price for these services and MOTs alongside your payment for your car. The price you pay will depend on how long you want your services covered for.

There are two main benefits to buying a service plan at this point; you save money on the price of the plan and you can incorporate the plan into your finance deal so the cost is spread along with your monthly repayments.

Clark Plan

If you have already bought a used car that is 36 months (three years) or older then the Clark Plan is for you.

These can be picked up at any of our 140 Servicing departments and are designed specifically for older vehicles.

The cost of a Clark Plan will depend on the size of your engine and the length of plan you choose, two or three years.

The Clark Plan can be used immediately; you don’t need to wait for a registration period or anything else.

If you’re not convinced check out the five reasons to buy a Clark Plan.

Why it’s important to have your car serviced regularly

Although the only legal requirement is that you have your car MOT tested every 12 months (the price of which is included in both service plans), there are several benefits to having your car serviced regularly.

Servicing your car can preserve the future resale value of your car; a full service history (particularly manufacturer services) can not only make your car more desirable to buyers but it can boost the price you get for it too.

You can save money. Faults are spotted before they become a major issue and would be costly and expensive to fix. Regular servicing can help your car to run more efficiently meaning you save money on fuel.

Just like anything else if your car is looked after it may last longer too. Maintaining your car between services will also help keep it in good repair. Take a look at our how-to videos for some tips.

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