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Renault ZOE: Electric car FAQs

Thinking of buying a Renault ZOE? Here we answer some frequently asked questions about this popular electric vehicle.

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

What is the battery range?

The range on the 22kw ZOE (NEDC) is 149 miles. In summer, it’s 106 miles and in winter, 71 miles.

Where and how can I charge my car?

There are two fantastic websites you can use to locate charging points: Charge Your Car (CYC) and Zap Map. For £20 per year, you can sign up with CYC and gain access to their large network of UK charge points.

With the Renault ZOE, you can also find charging stations using the in-car R-Link system.

How much is the battery rental?

Battery rental costs are based on miles per annum and the agreement is set up through RCI Direct.

Costs are:

  • 4,500 miles – £49
  • 6,000 miles – £59
  • 7,500 miles – £69
  • 9,000 miles – £79
  • 10,500 miles – £89

How do I install a charger at home?

The typical cost of a home charger is £1,000. However, there are some electric car grants available to help lower the cost.

As part of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme, OLEV currently offers applicants £500 towards the cost and the Energy Saving Trust will provide up to £500 further funding.

The main installers are Chargemaster, Polar and Rolec. If you contact any of the installers they will explain the grants and funding for you in more detail.

To qualify for a home charger, you’ll need to meet a range of requirements. Some of the main requirements are:

  • Proof of ownership or primary use of an electric vehicle
  • Living in a household that allows for electrical installation
  • Off-street parking and/or a garage

For more information, contact Jorro (Scotland) or AMPEV (England).

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