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Kiltwalk Mythbusters

Not sure whether the Kiltwalk is for you? Maybe these facts will change your mind…

The Kiltwalk start line.

The Kiltwalk start line.

Do you have to be Scottish, know all the words to Auld Lang Syne and have a sporran in your wardrobe to do the Kiltwalk? From dress codes to what kinds of charities you can support, we’re here to…er… ‘scotch’ some popular myths…

You don’t have to wear tartan

Does tartan make you check out? Are you prejudiced against plaid? Believe it or not, a kilt isn’t compulsory! Wear what you like and express yourself – just make sure you dress for the weather…

You don’t have to live in Scotland

The Kiltwalk is open to all, so even if you’ve never set foot on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond or sampled a battered Mars Bar from an Edinburgh chippy, you’re welcome to join in the fun. The walks also take in some spectacular scenery, so why not make a holiday of it?

You can walk for any UK charity you choose

Lots of people do the Kiltwalk for charities that have personal significance to them. But if there’s no particular charity close to your heart, that doesn’t matter. Whatever charity you decide to walk for, you’ll still be doing a bit of good. Your Kiltwalk fundraising total can go towards any registered UK charity, and the Hunter Foundation will still add 40%. Plus, as you’re an Arnold Clark employee, we’ll also match anything you raise, up to £1000.

You don’t have to walk a marathon

If the thought of 26 miles is overwhelming, don’t let that put you off. There are two other walks to choose from – the Wee Wander, which is just six miles and doesn’t require any training in advance, and the Big Stroll, which comes in at a manageable 15 miles. You can still raise money and have fun without pushing yourself to the limit.

You can bring your dog

Canine Kiltwalkers are most welcome, so if you want a companion to keep your spirits up on the way, or you just want to give your doggo a workout, pick up the lead and bring them along. It brings a whole new dimension to ‘walkies.’

You’ll get snacks on the way

Kiltwalkers never go hungry. There’s water and plenty of food on the way for everyone. Members of the Arnold Clark Roadies team will also be there to make sure your blood sugar levels are topped up with free snacks.

You get a medal at the end

You didn’t think you’d walk all that way without some kind of reward for your achievement? As well as the warm glow of raising funds for your favourite charity, you’ll get a Kiltwalk medal, a goodie bag and even more free food!

You can go it alone

Some people walk in a team but there’s no need to recruit everyone you know. If you’d rather complete the challenge alone, you can. Just put on your headphones, lace up your boots and start walking!

Your fundraising page will take care of itself

When you register for the Kiltwalk, an Everyday Hero fundraising page is automatically generated for you, so all you have to do is share it with your friends.

You don’t need a new pair of walking shoes

No need to run to the Nike store to buy the most technical shoes you can find. The more comfortable your shoes are, the better. Avoid blisters by walking in your favourite trainers, and don’t think that you have to impress anyone by having the best kit.

Your personal best is personal to you

The Kiltwalk is, first and foremost, a fun event to raise money for charity, so there’s no need to treat it like a competition or a marathon. Don’t worry about timings, and enjoy the experience. And if you don’t quite make it, the Kiltwalk team will pick you up and drive you to the finish line, so nobody gets left behind.

It’s a party atmosphere!

Thousands of people take part the Kiltwalk, and so if you’re in the mood for a chat, or just need motivation to keep you going, everyone around you will help keep your energy up. And at the end of the Kiltwalk you might feel shattered, but that buzz of making it to the finish line (and the food and drink) will give you some extra energy to celebrate your fantastic achievement!

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