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Celebrate Earth Day by visiting the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre

Visit the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre and help support Earth Day!

Earth Day takes place on 22nd April

Earth Day takes place on 22nd April

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re making a donation to the Friends of the Earth charity for every person that visits one of the Arnold Clark Innovation Centres on Saturday 22nd April.

Earth Day is a global event which is held every year on 22nd April to raise awareness and show support for environmental protection.

And in support of the event, we will donate £10 to Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning community dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of the world, for every person that visits the Innovation Centre on Saturday.

Everyone knows how important alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are to our environmental future, and we’ve designed our Innovation Centres to answer any potential questions motorists may have about the future of transport.

Arnold Clark’s commitment to a net zero carbon future resulted in the company investing over £5 million into the creation of our first non-retail showroom in Glasgow’s West End, while our second Innovation Centre opened in Stafford last year.

Thinking of making the switch to electric?

At our Innovation Centres in Glasgow and Stafford, visitors can learn more about the benefits of switching to electric as well as test-drive a wide range of electric vehicles.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to electric, a team of alternative fuel experts, known as ‘innovation geniuses’, will be on hand at the Stafford Innovation Centre to answer any of your burning questions.

They can provide clarity on areas such as range anxiety, charging processes, the latest government grants and much more.

For those thinking of switching their company fleet to AFVs, a business specialist will also be on site to help them make the most informed choice.

Arnold Clark is also delighted to have recently launched SENSE, our new sustainability strategy that aims to transform our business into a driver of the future of sustainable personal mobility and includes reducing our greenhouse gas emissions in line with the UK's climate change targets.

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