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Introducing the new Ford Transit

The UK’s best-selling van has had a makeover.

The 2019 Ford Transit

The 2019 Ford Transit

As the second best-selling van in the UK, beaten only by the Custom, the release of the new Ford Transit model is hotly anticipated.

Drivers of the 2019 Ford Transit will experience Ford’s new connectivity features and improved carrying capacity. It comes packed with advanced safety systems and the latest engine technology, too.

Advanced safety features

Using the latest in-car safety features, the new Ford Transit scans the road ahead and alerts drivers to vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists. And if drivers don’t respond to the warning in time, the system can automatically apply the brakes to avoid or reduce the severity of collisions.

Transit drivers are protected in all weather, with technology that stabilises the van when it detects the vehicle is being affected by crosswinds. You can even change the driving mode to suit the road conditions, with options such as ‘normal’ and ‘slippery’ mode to choose from.

The latest technology

The electric power-assisted steering responds to your speed and the road’s conditions, while lane-assist technology provides gentle steering to help prevent you from drifting out of your lane.

From parking assistance and blind-spot detection to intelligent cruise control and rear-view cameras, the Transit’s technology has been designed to help drivers work smarter and more efficiently.

Easy transporting

The Transit’s 15.1-metre load space means drivers can fit cargo that’s over three metres long. And with a carrying capacity of up to 2.1 tonnes, the new model has the capability to transport almost anything. Every aspect of the new Transit has been designed to make it easy to load and unload cargo. The side doors open and close hands-free and they can be locked open at 270 degrees, while the loading area comes with lamps that are fitted as standard.

Tow bars can be added as a factory-fitted addition, or they can be ordered after you’ve bought the vehicle.

More engine options

There are four variants of the Ford EcoBlue 2.0-litre diesel engines to choose from. But no matter what powertrain you go for, each Transit engine meets the most stringent Euro 6.2 emissions standards.

New Transit engines are also available as a mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (mHEV), providing even better fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

Better connectivity

Ford’s new system means you can control your phone, music and navigation system by just tapping the screen on the dashboard or using voice command. With 4G Wi-Fi for up to ten devices and real-time traffic updates delivered directly to the van’s sat nav, the new Transit has better connectivity than ever before.

The all-new model also comes with the manufacturer’s latest mobile app, ‘FordPass’, which makes losing your van in the car park a thing of the past. As well as being able to lock and unlock the doors remotely using their phone, Transit drivers can see their van’s exact location at any given point.

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