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One of Audi’s best-selling models, the Q3 combines style, practicality and comfort. Equally at home hugging country roads as it is on long distance journeys, the Q3’s effortless driving and premium design have helped it stand out since it first launched in 2011.

Audi Q3 facelifts and updates

Boasting exceptional craftsmanship, the Q3 rivals competitors like the Volvo XC40 and BMW X1 for space and top-tier quality. With the 2014 facelift adding stylish chrome detailing to the front grille and narrower headlights, the Q3 was given a more determined style upgrade. And with the arrival of the larger Mk2 and its revamped infotainment system in 2018, the Q3’s design evolved to meet the demands of family life and long drives with ease.

With high-quality design inside and out, the Audi Q3’s efficient engines offer great performance. The line-up includes 1.4 and 2.0-litre petrol and diesel engines, and the Mk2’s efficient plug-in petrol hybrid is among the best in its class.

It was also awarded the 2019 ‘Best Cars’ award for ‘Compact SUV/Off-road vehicle’ by Sport Auto. Incidentally this Audi was the most successful manufacturer in this category that year. In 2020, the Audi Q3 Sportback won the ‘Best Cars’ Readers’ Choice award in the compact SUV/cross country vehicles category.

Through feature-expanding facelifts, top-tier comfort and efficient engine performance, the Audi Q3 competes in the C-segment by offering a stylish and practical model, with four trims giving drivers the freedom to choose the engine performance, style and cabin technology that best suits their needs.

Choose from a range of Q3 trims available from Arnold Clark: Technik, Sport, S line, Black Edition and Vorsprung. In fact, our used car deals and low-rate finance offers are so good that if you find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll give you back double the difference.

Practicality and style of the car

The Q3’s spacious design makes it easily adaptable for long motorway trips, and its suspension and handling make it equally suited to country drives making it a brilliant all-round family car.

The Mk2’s height of 1,585mm, width of 1,856mm and length of 4,485mm make it 18mm wider and 97mm longer than the Mk1 and longer than the Volvo XC40, which all equates to exceptional storage space. With the rear seats slid all the way back, there are between 420 litres and 520 litres of boot space, depending on the vehicle’s age and trim. Slide the seats all the way forward, and boot space can increase to 675 litres. Fold the rear seats up, and there are between 1,352 and 1,525 litres of space – more than the Volvo XC40’s 1,328 litres. The boot also has a practical low lip, making it easy to pack and store large, heavy items.

When needed, a used Audi Q3 is more than capable of towing heavy loads. It has a braked towing capacity of up to 2,000kg, which is enough for small to medium-sized caravans and trailers.

The Q3 is spacious for passengers too – it offers plenty of leg and headroom even for taller adults sitting in the rear seats. On higher-spec models, the rear bench can be slid forward or backwards thanks to a sliding rail, giving you the option to create more rear leg room or expand the boot space. And when it comes to keeping the cabin tidy, there are also four door bins, cup holders and a glovebox compartment that can easily store drinks and small accessories.

The coupé-styled Sportback has a smaller rear window and differently styled bumper compared to that of its standard counterpart. Available as a Quattro, a six-gear manual or a seven-speed automatic, the Sportback is the newer of the two varieties and, as of 2021, has even been available as a hybrid. There is a more premium price for the Sportback, starting at the Sport level trim as standard and delivering a slightly higher spec at entry level.

Running costs

While the insurance premiums of a used Audi Q3 can vary depending on the model’s age, the Q3 often falls into insurance groups between 23 and 41. The Q3’s road tax is also reasonable, with drivers of the entry-level Technik trim typically paying an annual £180, while owners of the flagship Vorsprung trim will pay £570.

How a used Audi Q3 drives

Most used Audi Q3s will come with one of three petrol engines. The first, the 35 TFSI, is a 1.5-litre, four-cylinder engine that produces 148bhp, achieves 47.9-48.7mpg and can accelerate from 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds. The 40 TFSI is a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder engine that produces 187bhp, accelerates from 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds and achieves 37.1mpg. Finally, the turbocharged 2.0-litre, four-cylinder 45 TFSI generates 242bhp, covers 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds and achieves 32.8mpg.

Where drivers opt for a diesel engine, used Audi Q3s typically come with one of two options: the 35 TDI or the 40 TDI. The former is a 2.0-litre engine with 147bhp, 49.6-60.1mpg and a 0-62mph time of 9.2 seconds. The 40 TDI is also a 2.0-litre, but generates 197bhp, 50.4-51.4mph and can go from 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds.

A plug-in petrol hybrid engine, the 45 TFSI e, was added to the range with the release of the Mk2. This engine combines a 1.4-litre petrol engine’s 148bhp and quoted 47.9mpg with a 114bhp, 85 kWh electric motor to produce a combined 242bhp and 400Nm of torque. The hybrid can achieve a combined 184mpg and shoots from 0-62mph in just 7.3 seconds, while having a top speed of 130mph. It also has an all-electric range of 37.9 miles.

Most Q3 engines are paired with Audi’s S Tronic transmission system, which is a dual-clutch, direct-shift gearbox that allows Audi models to seamlessly shift between manual and automatic to achieve a consistent power flow. This gearbox is often available as a seven-speed, but there are also six-speed options available. Some Mk1 Q3s may come with a six-speed manual transmission.

Engines and official MPG

Please refer to the table below for a comprehensive list of engines and their official MPG figures.


Engine Official NEDC MPG
1.4 TFSI 47.9–51.4 mpg
1.4 TFSI S tronic 45.6–48.7 mpg
2.0 TDI 140 54.3 mpg
2.0 TDI 140 quattro 47.9–49.6 mpg
2.0 TDI 140 quattro S tronic 48.7 mpg
2.0 TDI 150 60.1–62.8 mpg
2.0 TDI 150 quattro 52.3–62.8 mpg
2.0 TDI 150 quattro S tronic 51.4–56.5 mpg
2.0 TDI 177 50.4–51.4 mpg
2.0 TDI 177 quattro 47.9–50.4 mpg
2.0 TDI 177 quattro S tronic 47.9 mpg
2.0 TDI 177 S tronic 47.9–50.4 mpg
2.0 TDI 184 quattro 49.6–53.3 mpg
2.0 TDI 184 quattro S tronic 50.4–54.3 mpg
2.0 TFSI 180 quattro S tronic 40.4–42.8 mpg
2.0 TFSI 211 quattro 36.7 mpg
2.0 TFSI quattro 36.7–38.7 mpg
2.0 TFSI quattro S tronic 36.7 mpg
RS 2.5 TFSI 310 32.1 mpg
RS 2.5 TFSI 340 32.8 mpg
RS 2.5 TFSI Performance 32.8 mpg

2018 – onwards

Engine Official NEDC MPG
35 TDI 53.3–56.5 mpg
35 TDI quattro 49.6–51.4 mpg
35 TDI quattro S tronic 44.1–47.9 mpg
35 TDI S tronic 49.6–60.1 mpg
35 TFSI 47.9–48.7 mpg
35 TFSI MHEV S tronic 40.4–44.1 mpg
35 TFSI S tronic 46.3–47.9 mpg
40 TDI quattro S tronic 50.4–51.4 mpg
40 TFSI quattro S tronic 37.2–38.7 mpg
45 TFSI quattro S tronic 37.2 mpg

Sportback 2019 – onwards

Engine Official WLTP MPG
35 TDI 53.3–55.4 mpg
35 TDI quattro 40.4–42.2 mpg
35 TDI quattro S tronic 44.8–49.6 mpg
35 TDI S tronic 45.6–47.9 mpg
35 TFSI 32.1–41.5 mpg
35 TFSI MHEV quattro S tronic 40.9 mpg
35 TFSI S tronic 39.2–41.5 mpg
40 TDI quattro S tronic 45.6 mpg
40 TFSI quattro S tronic 31.0–34.9 mpg
45 TFSI quattro S tronic 31.4–32.8 mpg
45 TFSIe 141.2 mpg

Features you can expect in an Audi Q3


Masterfully styled down to the finest detail, the Q3 combines practicality with an instantly recognisable exterior design. Boasting smoothed edges, a prominent front grille, lowered bumpers with deep air intakes and narrow headlights, the Q3’s crafted design leaves nothing to be desired.

The Mk2’s host of additions pushed the Q3’s bold looks even further, adding octagonal edges to the front grille and larger wheel arches. Opt for the Sport trim and the Q3 will come with a Titanium front grille and matte silver detailing around the exterior. The S Line trim lowers the bumpers even more and includes a rear spoiler.

Step inside the Q3 and you’ll find a smart, premium cabin. Every detail has been considered, with high-end leather and precision stitching found on the seats and upholstery, and a glossy black finish running throughout most Q3s. Opt for the Sport trim and masterfully stitched sports seats and cloth upholstery add even more luxury to the cabin.

Angular designing on the dashboard and rear-view mirrors creates an intuitive wraparound feel that puts everything just where you need it. With the multi-functional steering wheel featuring a small cluster of useful and excellently made buttons, the dashboard is free from unnecessary clutter.


The release of the Mk2 saw the addition of a suite of smart cabin technology to further refine the Q3’s rewarding drive. Many Q3s have Audi’s class-leading Virtual Cockpit screen – a 12.25-inch or 12.3-inch display which boasts a highly customisable range of features and functions, including audio information, phone book or satellite navigation. These menus are intuitive, responsive and easily navigated, making it one of the leading digital displays in its vehicle class.

Some used Q3s will have a second touchscreen display on the dashboard which hosts an infotainment system. Entry-level Mk2 trims come with an eight-speaker DAB radio sound system, Bluetooth, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay connectivity and Audi Smartphone Interface, allowing you to connect your phone directly to the display.


Audi is renowned for reliability and safety, and the Q3 delivers on both fronts. Euro NCAP has awarded the Q3 a full five-star rating thanks to the features found on many models, including autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane keep assist – to help steer the car back towards the centre of the road – adaptive cruise control and reversing camera for backing into those tight spots. More specifically, the Audi Q3’s adult safety score is 95% while its child passenger protection score is 86%.

Trims available on the Audi Q3

Audi Q3 Technik

The Technik brings with it a whole host of modern features that we have come to expect from cars from premium brands, such as 17-inch twin spoke alloy wheels and LED head lights as standard. The 10.1-inch interior digital display provides access to the MMI Navigation Plus satellite navigation (one of the most popular optional extras that we see often in our used cars), Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled stereo and dual-zone climate control. As standard, the Q3 is equipped with Audi’s pre-sense collision detection braking, cruise control, parking sensors and lane departure warning, making even the entry level trim Technik a feature rich choice for anyone looking for a premium small SUV.

Audi Q3 Sport

If you’re looking for something a bit sportier than the entry level Q3 but don’t want to go all in on the S Line, the Q3 Sport might just be the choice for you. The Q3 Sport comes with slightly larger alloy wheels than the Technik at 19-inch wheels and is fitted with dynamic indicators and a titanium black grille for a sophisticated presence. Fitted with front cloth sports seats, silver detailing and aluminium interior inlays, the Q3 Sport offers a great level of quality and comfort. Selectable driving modes, speed limiter cruise control and rear parking sensors are just a few of the functions available.

Audi Q3 S Line

The S Line, in keeping with Audi tradition, comes with a sportier outlook and approach to styling. The more ‘aggressive’ style is provided by different bumpers and sides skirts while the harder sports suspension gives that extra grip and track feel when cornering for a more exhilarating drive. Fitted with 19-inch alloy wheels, part leather sport seats and privacy glass, the S Line delivers a sleek and sporty package.

Audi Q3 Black Edition

The Black Edition trim is visually enhanced with titanium 19-inch alloys wheels and a black styling pack, which adds a black finish to the window trims, mirror housings and front grille for a svelte, modern look. The interior carries on this styling with piano black inlays along with a sports flat bottomed steering wheel.

Audi Q3 Vorsprung

The top-level trim of the Vorsprung provides the driver with a premium experience from the moment you look at the car. It is detailed with the same black styling pack of the Black Edition that wraps the mirror housings, window trims and the striking front grille. However, the Vorsprung comes with 20-inch alloy wheels and Matrix LED headlights for maximum curb appeal. Once inside, the leather upholstery and panoramic sunroof bathe the interior with class. Heated and electric front seats allow for the perfect driving position and comfort even in the winter months. With a Bang & Olufsen Premium 3D sound system, park assist, Virtual Cockpit Plus, rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot monitoring and a 360-degree camera system, the Vorsprung is packed with premium features for the perfect drive.

If you are looking for a used Audi Q3 car for sale, you can’t go wrong with Arnold Clark. Reserve you perfect car today or contact a member of our experienced staff who can provide you with any additional information you might need. Whether you’re looking to finance a used Audi Q3 or purchase one, we have a wide range of second hand Audi Q3 cars available to buy online safely with Click & Collect and home delivery options available.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. How much does a used Audi Q3 cost?

A. We have 72 used Audi Q3 cars in stock ranging from £10,698 to £40,898.

Q. How many MPG does the Audi Q3 get?

A. The Audi Q3 MPG varies from 37 mpg to 63 mpg.

Q. How much is car tax for a used Audi Q3?

A. The Audi Q3 car tax ranges from £35 to £600 per year for the models in stock.

Q. What is the average mileage on a used Audi Q3?

A. The average mileage on a used Audi Q3 in stock is 41074 miles.

Q. Which transmission options are available with the Audi Q3?

A. Currently in stock, the Audi Q3 is available in Automatic, Manual.

Q. What different fuel types are available for the Audi Q3?

A. Of the Audi Q3 used cars in stock, they are available in the following fuel types: Diesel, Petrol.

Q. What are the most popular engine sizes in the Audi Q3?

A. The most popular engine sizes in the Audi Q3 we have in stock are 2.0 litres, 1.5 litres, 1.4 litres.

Q. What are the most popular colours in the Audi Q3 range?

A. The Audi Q3 is available in various colours. The most popular we have in stock are Grey, Black, White

Q. Is the Audi Q3 a good car?

A. Car & Driving rate the Audi Q3 3.68 stars (out of 5).

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