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Key benefits

  • Various levels of cover so you only pay for what you need
  • Breakdown priority for dangerous locations, lone females or families with young children
  • Unlimited call outs
  • No excess payable

Policy overview

When your car breaks down, it can leave you feeling powerless, especially if you're left stranded by the side of the road. Things get even worse in winter months - cold weather and freezing temperatures can be a recipe for disaster.

We want to help you get back on your way as quickly as possible when your car breaks down, with a quick, easy car breakdown policy you can select and buy online for peace of mind.

We offer three different levels of cover:


Roadside rescue UK and home start

This is our standard level of cover and is included in all of our breakdown policies. When you break down, one of our experts will be sent out to try and get your car back up and running, there and then. If this won't be possible at the roadside, we'll either take you to the nearest garage or your home, depending on which is nearer...

Labour will be included free up to an hour, but parts will have to be paid for. If we can't fix your vehicle we'll recover it, either to a garage or your home. We can also cover your car if it won't start outside your home - so if you find on trying to leave for work in the morning your battery has gone flat overnight, or if you have a puncture.

  • Roadside assistance anywhere in the UK
  • Home assist
  • Nationwide recovery
  • Up to £250 towards alternative transport or vehicle hire, plus £100 to collect your repaired vehicle
  • Priority for vulnerable drivers
  • Cover 365 days a year, 24/7

European breakdown cover

Your car will be covered with full home start, recovery and rescue assistance in the UK and is perfect for those who are planning road trips within Europe's territorial limits. Take advantage of roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and home start assistance to keep your journey an enjoyable one...

  • Roadside assistance anywhere in the UK and selected European countries
  • Up to £250 towards alternative transport or vehicle hire, plus £100 to collect your repaired vehicle
  • Up to £500 towards overnight accommodation including breakfast
  • Up to £150 towards alternative transport or vehicle hire while your vehicle is being repatriated
  • Cover for an alternative driver in the event you suffer an illness or injury while away from the home address

Personal cover

If you drive more than one car, you may find that covering yourself rather than a specific car would be better for you as this will ensure that whatever car you are a driver or passenger in will be covered...

For this cover all you have to do is select either roadside rescue and home start or European cover and add personal cover to your policy to give you the level of cover you require.

  • For an additional premium, personal cover allows a named person, who lives at the address of the policyholder, to be covered for breakdown regardless of the vehicle they are in at the time. Simply select either UK cover or European cover and add in your personal details.

Policy comparison

Cover level Roadside rescue UK and home start European breakdown cover Personal cover
Roadside assistance # #
Nationwide recovery # #
Home assist # #
Alternative transport # #
Overnight accommodation # #
Driver illness # #
Priority to vulnerable drivers # #
Shipment of parts #
Departure cover #
European cover #
Driver cover #


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'Having just saved £150.00 on combined car and home insurance and received better cover into the bargain through a reputable insurance company, I would like to thank Arnold Clark Insurance Services for the friendly and efficient manner in which they have conducted business.'

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